by S. Parks
we walked through a giant music mural into Nashville’s historic 12th
and Porter, the air was filled with anticipation, the room with music
celebrities and the stage with perfectly placed top notch musicians.  
global award-winning duet is known for making an entrance and this
would be no exception.  At long last, Mark and Jay O’Shea walked onto
the stage and the showcase went off like a box of lit sparklers as they
sang about doing it “Old School”, radiating timeless vim and verve.  
always, Jay floored us with her unpretentious diva’s soulful country
vocals and Mark swept us back up with his guitar prowess and the
showmanship of a country rocker while their supernatural harmonies made
us realize that this is the real thing, that elusive “thing” that
thousands of artists strive to be but few achieve.  We felt privileged
to be a part of this stunning performance.
“Be with You”, “Never Goes Away” and Jay’s voicing of “Empty”, she
recounted Mark’s heart surgery and when he heard her praying “thank you
angels” as he awoke.  His first words were “That’s a great song title,”
and so it became.  We joined them in thanking the angels for the song
and O‘Shea.  A powerful medley of “Nine to Five”, “Heartache Tonight”,
“Stand by your Man” and “Respect”, as only Jay can belt  (we still love
you, Aretha), was their parting treat.



merging of these two exceptionally talented musicians and hit
songwriters in the bond of matrimony was, as they say, a match made in
Heaven.  With two daughters and planet hopping between their Australian
and Music City homes as they gather O’Shea fans, awards and number one
songs, these Sony Music Australia stars fully appreciate life’s every
moment and back that up with memorable melodies and lyrics.  Favorites
“Every Day is a Good Day”, “The Swimming Song”,  “When the Girls Get
Together”, “Smash” and “Meant to Be” verify the joy at their foundation.
After four #1 country singles off  “Mr. and
Mrs.”, this debut album set the ball rolling.  Then came “O’Shea USA”,
their television show on Foxtell, a sold-out tour with Sir Cliff Richard
and their latest contribution to classic music with character, “One +
One”, produced by Mark Moffat.  We will eagerly line up to watch the
couple climb even higher on the charts and in our hearts……..by S.

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