Riverside, Iowa…..”Wow, what a week it’s been.”  Bob
& Sheila Everhart, who make their home in Anita, Iowa, are really
‘on the road’ this last week.  “We have really been hearing some great
music too,” Sheila said.  “Last Tuesday night we had the Roys at our
little theater in Anita, and they just about filled it up.  That’s
amazing for a small town like ours to turn out on a week day night, but
this band is so astonishingly good, we did expect an increase in
attendance from last year, and sure enough there it was.  When they
left, Lee Roy, the leader of the group talked to us a little bit about
coming to Fremont, so we’re hoping and have our fingers crossed that
will happen.  Then on Friday night we had the Roes from Minneapolis. 
This is a ‘jug’ band, and boy were they good.  They too had a full
house, and their music was just amazing.  Quillan is the mover and
shaker in the group, he plays an old Gibson guitar as well as a
claw-hammer banjo.  Nice and old-timey and especially good.  His wife
plays autoharp, the washboard, the jug, and has a remarkably delightful
voice.  They had an upright acoustic bass, and a young chap who played
really really good mandolin, also clog danced while he played (much like
John Hartford used to do), so it was an exciting night for us.  Next
shows at the Oak Tree is Aug 3 & 4 with Terry Smith.  Then Saturday,
it was off to Pilger, Nebraska, to help Jackie Shewey celebrate that
small town’s 125th anniversary.  We played for their bar-b-que, and it
turned out pretty good.  Bob and I don’t often ‘back’ other artists,
simply because we’re either already on the show, too busy, or don’t have
the ability, but in Jackie’s case, it was loads of fun.”
     “Talk about fun, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet,” Bob is
quick to add.  “We went to Riverside, Iowa, for one of our ‘Smithsonian
Traveling Museum of Music’ shows on Sunday.  Wow, what a fun time that
was.  The hosts, the Riverside Historical Society, put us up at the
Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, with an absolutely great hotel.  But
first, we had to perform.  Then we discovered this is the town that
Captain Kirk from Star Trek is going to be born in.  So we had to visit
the place where he will be born, it’s downtown and has a nice monument
dedicated to that event.  Then they took us to Murphy’s Bar & Grill,
where under the furthermost pool table, is a plaque where apparently
the future Captain Kirk is to be conceived.  It’s absolutely incredible,
and did you know that William Shatner, the guy who plays Captain Kirk
on the Star Trek series, has relatives who live and have a business in
     “We did a nice little concert to quite a few people,”
Sheila added, even though it was pretty hot, and then we were off to the
Casino.  The sponsors even had three evening meals ready for us there,
so that was our first destination.  When we go to a casino, or are near
one, we rarely gamble, but we had just had a sumptuous meal, had just
made quite a few dollars, so we decided to spend $25 each at the slots. 
Bobbie Lhea stayed in the room, and off we went.  I walked into the
casino, and made a straight line directly to a machine that said the
Monkee’s.  Sure enough, my most favorite group of all time, was splashed
all over this single machine devoted to them.  Bob said $25, and that’s
it, but I had winnings of $81 before I had even spent five dollars.  I
stopped right there.  Then Bob went to another machine that played the
regular 7-7-7 kind of stuff, and he spent his $25 but he won $60 so it
was just fine for both of us.”
     “I had a great time too,” Bobbie Lhea added,
“Riverside is a really neat place, and I like Star Trek, but I like Star
Wars just a little bit better, and like Mom, I like the Monkees too. 
Dad is trying to get Michael Nesmith to come to LeMars this year, but
everyone is so unpredictable, he’s having a hard time getting
confirmations.  Anyway, I suspect that free meal at the Casino is going
to be our budget lunch.  Yep, it will be.”

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