“We’ve definitely been on the road this weekend,”
said Sheila Everhart, the acoustic bass player for the dynamic duo Bob
& Sheila.  “We were on tour with Terry Smith, and that does keep us
busy.  We did five shows in four days, and they all turned out really
good.  Terry is a good draw, he has a huge fan base in Iowa, and those
that come to his shows really love his music, especially the songs that
he writes.  The first show was at the Iowa Theater in Bloomfield.  It
was a Thursday night, so it wasn’t totally full, but it was a nice
crowd, big enough to do it again there. It’s a bit of a drive for us to
get there, but it was also beautiful weather and we like Iowa this time
of year.”
     “Bloomfield has a very nice theater,” Bob added,
“seats about 250, and we had a nice crowd.  We had placed some
advertising on KiiC Radio and that seemed to help.  Our second two gigs
were at the Oak Tree in Anita, the first show on Friday night completely
sold out, and the Saturday night was very nearly so.  They were both
good shows, and the audiences at both really seemed to have a great
time.  We had two shows this Sunday, the first one a matinee at the Rec
Center Theater in Carroll.  Had a very nice crowd, but not enough to
fill the theater which seats right around 400. It’s a lovely theater
too, very good acoustics, and a very appreciative audience.”
     “The last show was a good one too,” Bobbie Lhea, the
Everhart’s daughter added.  It was in the town that Andy Williams was
born, Wall Lake, at a little Baptist church.  I really liked the church,
it had a very nice atmosphere about it.  Mom and dad opened for Terry
on all the shows, but I liked this one best.  I don’t know about dad
though.  Bill & Karen Kurth are the ones that arranged the church
show, and they also took us out to lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in
Carroll.  It was absolutely delicious, but lots of food, so dad said we
needed a take-out box.  There wasn’t that much food left, but when I
asked him why, he said it would be our budget lunch for the next day. 
But, I said, this is our evening meal, and dad said yeah, but we’ll eat
it tomorrow for lunch too.  You know a budget lunch.”
     “We had a great weekend with Terry,” Sheila added,
“and he’ll be at LeMars all week for the big festival.  Our next show at
the Oak Tree is that fantastic singer and yodeler from New Zealand,
Roger Tibbs on August 16th.  Tex & Mary Schutz are also on the bill,
so we are already looking forward to a great evening of super

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