On The Road With The Everharts September 9. 2013



     We’re finally on the road again, whew!  The LeMars
Festival is definitely a two-week adventure away from office, other
obligations, budget lunches, and other work.  Put it all together and it
is a challenge, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Even though
attendance was down, mostly due to the over-96 degree temperatures for
six days straight, the economy might also have had something to do with
that.  We enjoyed everyone that played and sang, however the celebrities
this year were remarkable to say the least.  LuLu Roman was supposed to
be with us on a Thursday, but her son had emergency surgery and she
changed her flight at the last minute and went to Seattle, Washington,
where he was.  She called us later and said she’d like to make-up the
date by being with us on Tuesday, August 26, next year. By coming in
early she said the weekend would still be free for other performances. 
Those that were with us this year, Kenny Seratt for instance was super
good; Joanne Cash has a charisma about her that gave me goose bumps just
standing next to her.  So does her husband Dr. Harry Yates.  Barbara
Fairchild brought the ‘Teddy Bear’ back to life in an amazing
presentation (her husband Roy Morris is also a terrific entertainer). 
The icing on the cake however was Mickey Gilley, still somewhat
paralyzed from his accident a couple of years ago, he did an amazing
show, starting off with “A Room Full of Roses” and it just went higher
from that.  One of the ‘secret’ performers we really liked, was Olen
Davis who came up from Oklahoma for Hall of Fame honors.  Olen once
worked with Bill Monroe, Porter Wagoner, Vince gill, Jim & Jesse,
Flatt & Scruggs, and many more through the years.  I got to hear him
jamming with the Kenastons, WOW it was terrific, and he’s only 85 years
     We will be ‘on the road’ the first weekend of October
(Oct 4-5-6) for the Old Time Rural Music Gathering at the Christensen
Field House in Fremont, Nebraska.  Super performers coming there too;
John Rex Reeves the nephew of Jim Reeves (still keeping the Reeve’s
music alive); Terry Smith (Far Side Banks of Jordan); Betty Rydell (that
flamboyant singer from Minnesota); Curt Shoemaker (steel player for
Martina McBride); the Kenastons; Dale Eichor from KWMT Radio); Bobby Awe
(one of Iowa’s most beloved classic country singers) and over 60 other
really talented performers, including a short version of Bob &
Sheila Everhart’s “A Traveling Museum of Music” we developed for the
Smithsonian Institution.  Lots and lots of fun, come early and stay
     Bobbie Lhea finally got a budget lunch she really
liked.  I was surprised, mostly because we hadn’t tried them before, but
the Culver’s Restaurant mobile kitchen was at LeMars (they’ll be at
Fremont too), and we were able to get three delicious Reuben sandwiches
and an order of sweet potato fries and still qualify as a budget lunch. 
I have to say Bobbie was satisfied with that, so we had a couple while
we were at the festival.
Bob Everhart

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