Have you noticed, the sun is sinking earlier and
earlier in the evening.  Fall is in the air, the apple tree is on
overload, and music fills the soul.  We are getting ready for the big
show at the Christensen Field House in Fremont, Nebraska, three great
days of terrific solid traditional and classic country music.  October
4-5-6, beginning at noon on that Friday.  We really have some great
artists this year, more than 60 of them, topping the list John Rex
Reeves (nephew of the country super star Jim Reeves).  John does his
uncle’s music to a tee.  Terry Smith who has a huge following in the
upper Midwest. Curt Shoemaker the incredible steel player from Kansas. 
The Kenastons who will head up the evening dances.  Dale Eichor from
KWMT Fort Dodge Radio.  Bobby Awe one of the upper Midwest’s best
country singers.  Betty Rydell, probably the best classic female country
singer, and add on another 50 or so and you have the gist of the
festival.  This is always a sort of the end of the season for us, but
not quite.  We have John Rex Reeves with us at the Oak Tree in Anita on
October 11th, then at the Rec Center in Carroll on Saturday the 12th
7pm, and then at the Wieting Theater in Toledo for a Sunday 2pm matinee,
so we are staying busy before the cold weather sets in.  One more show
at the Oak Tree before we head south, and that features Dale Eichor and
Bobby Awe on October 25th.
     We have some help volunteering to fix the façade brick
on the front of the Pioneer Music Museum.  Arlyn Lund and his son Rance
are helping us get that done.  We expect the new sidewalk in front of
the theatre soon, and then it’s a determined effort to get the leaky
roofs fixed.  We had two interesting visitors to the museum this last
week, Andy Glandt and his friend Rudi, both from Jena, Germany stopped
by.  Jena is located in what used to be the other side of the Iron
Curtain.  Andy is an accomplished banjo player and Rudi plays guitar and
sings country music quite well. We’ve asked them to do a show at the
Oak Tree next year, so we hope they will be able to make it.
     There was a big turn-out for the benefit show for
Jackie Shewey in her home town of Cortland, Nebraska.  Bill Wood was the
mover and shaker behind this gala day.  I’d say a full house for sure. 
Lots of talented artists showed up to put on a heck of a show to help
raise money for Jackie’s personal expenses as she goes through this
waiting period for a liver transplant.  She looked good, and will also
be at the Fremont Festival. 
     “Not much of a budget lunch,” Bobbie Lhea said.  “All
we got was a half a croissant of tuna salad from the Casey’s.  Dad said
it would have to do.  I can’t wait to get to the Fremont Festival where
Culver’s Restaurant will have special breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
other than their regular menu.” 
Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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