Had an interesting trip down to
Nodaway, Iowa, for a huge farm auction that listed several musical
instruments. I was very surprised to see the prices bidded. A Fender
acoustic guitar $175; an Ibanez $155; a Sigma $260; a Peavey electric
$100; a Gibson Epiphone $260; a Chinese fiddle $95; an Antonio
Stradivarius student fiddle $105.  Well you can see the buyers were
serious.  I bid on a couple of boxes of old 78rpm records for the
museum, one had a 78rpm of Elvis singing “Hound Dog” and another box had
a 78rpm by Marty Robbins.  I didn’t think Robbins recorded 78, but he
did. I have one of Elvis’s first 78’s in the museum “Jailhouse Rock.” 
Wow look where we are in such a short time from 78rpm.
     We’re finally getting caught up a little after the big
festival in LeMars.  You’d think the ‘focus’ would also lessen a bit,
but no, we’re already working on next year.  We want to expand the arts,
crafts, antiques, flea market, whatever we can do to get a few more of
these kind of ‘sales’ things going.  We went to an art & craft fair
in Red Oak and passed out quite a few invitations, and today we went to
Walnut for their fall craft festival.  Lots and lots of Redwing
crockery, which was their focus.  Sheila, Bobbie Lhea, and I had to pay a
visit to the Walnut Opera House.  You may, or may not, have known we
once owned it, and converted it from a total wreck to a beautiful opera
house again.  The tales and experiences with Carl the Ghost there is
pretty remarkable.  Today, as we visited it, it just didn’t seem as
large as when we were doing shows there.  Is that normal?  It just
seemed pretty small as an antique store.  Sure brought back some fine
     Our next big show at the Oak Tree in Anita, Iowa, is
the Johnson Strings.  Wow, this family is so very gifted.  They all play
bowed instruments which makes their music so incredibly beautiful. 
They will do the Orange Blossom Special, and then swing into a lovely
piece of classical music.  It’s just a super performance.  And, along
with them is the sparkly Betty Rydell.  She’s a flamboyant country
singer and a terrific instrumentalist (she plays four or five different
stringed instruments).  Add our regulars to that and you know it’s going
to be a special night.  All takes place Friday, Sept. 20th, showtime
     I had to go to the Vets Hospital for my regular
check-up, and I figured out a way to take Bobbie out for a budget lunch
that would be very different.  You know that television show “Diners,
Drive-Ins, & Dives?”  Anyway they had made a visit to Joe Tess’s
Fish House in South Omaha.  The reason?  Joe Tess is well known for his
ability to ‘score’ carp so you can eat it without any little bones.  So
that’s what we had.  A carp sandwich costs $3.45, and comes with some
rye bread and a pickle.  So, that means we could also have a drink and
still have a budget lunch.  I enjoyed my carp sandwich, but I don’t
think Bobbie and Sheila appreciated theirs.  We probably won’t do that
again, they said the fish tasted ‘muddy.’  I didn’t think so, after all
they raise their own carp now.

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