On The Road With The Everharts October 28. 2013



     The last show of the season for the Oak Tree Opry in
Anita, Iowa, was Friday night with Dale Eichor and Bobby Awe. It was a
totally ‘sold-out’ audience, and they had a great time.  We’re already
booking the acts for next year, and it looks to be a super great
season.  If you live near enough to us to want to come to some of our
shows, please send us your address and/or your e-mail address and we’ll
send you post-card announcements.  Dale Eichor and Bobby Awe are already
booked for two great shows, and Terry Smith is booked for August 1 and
     We just lost one of our better musicians in the upper
Midwest, Ed Dovel from Omaha, passed away October 23rd. Ed was a gifted
guitarist, vocalist, studio operator, and most importantly one of our
very best volunteers, especially with his gift of music.  He never
stinted when asked to help out, whether it be at a festival to fill in,
play a senior center for pure enjoyment, or to keep the dances going at
the Elks Club.  He never ever pushed himself in front of anyone, on
stage or off, and he was a delight to be around.  He suffered a stroke
and then a heart attack, and left us musically poorer here in the upper
Midwest.  His wife Kathy is a terrific keyboardist, and we hope that she
will continue her musical offerings.
     Sheila and Bobbie Lhea are ‘on the road’ all the way
down to Hermitage, Missouri, to visit with grandma Virginia, Sheila’s
mom.  I believe everyone is in good health down there, including
Sheila’s grandfather Robert Lightfoot who is now in his 90’s.  They will
have a three-day hiatus and then come back to Iowa to help me get the
camper loaded and ready to head for Texas for our ‘real’ on the road
     I had to go to the vet’s hospital for a check-up, and
had a chance to see what they are doing in the building of what they
call their Coffee Haus.  I’ve heard they are going to have entertainers
in at various times, but I still don’t know what that consists of.  At
any rate there’s a pretty neat cafeteria at the Vet’s Hospital, so guess
where we had our budget lunch?
     Next show at the Oak Tree is scheduled for April
18-19-20, however that is also Easter Weekend, which I’ll bet Sheila
didn’t realize when she set those dates.  Anyway watch for what happens,
it might be the weekend earlier.
Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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