“When you’re packing for a five-month trip, it takes a
little while to figure it all out.”  Bob & Sheila Everhart of
Anita, and their daughter Bobbie Lhea are off for their winter hiatus. 
“First stop is probably Wichita, Kansas,” Bob said, “so we can overnight
at the Walmart as well as tank up gas.  We’re not in any great hurry,
we are headed for the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, mostly to get some
dental work done in Progresso, Mexico.  All three of us will pay a visit
to the dentist.  We’ll get to see our old friends Francis & Jeannie
Hahn, and no doubt we’ll have some huachinango in Progresso.  This is
Spanish for ‘red snapper’ fish, and cooked the way they do there is
really really good, and if I’m not too far off, should be a budget
lunch.  It will probably take us four or five days to get all the way to
the border, and we’ll stop at some interesting museums if there are any
along the way.”
     “We had dinner with Arlyn & Marge Lund,” Sheila
added, “at Mimi’s Restaurant in Jordan Creek in West Des Moines.  This
is a kind of French-countrystyle food.  I know Arlyn sure enjoyed it,
and so did we.  Not exactly a budget lunch for Bob, but we kind of like
to do this when the last show of the season is over with, and we count
our popcorn dollars, always hoping there will be enough to make a trip
like this.”
     “If I failed to mention that Dave and the boys in
Anita got the new sidewalk in front of the Oak Tree, I sure want to
thank them now,” Bob added.  “They did a super job, though we were a bit
concerned they might not get it done in time.  Our first show next
season will be April 18 & 19.  April 20 is Easter so we won’t do
anything on Easter Sunday, but it sure will be a nice reunion leading up
to Easter.  So everybody come and see what’s new for SpringFest.”
     “I finally got to pick my own budget lunch,” Bobbie
Lhea, the Everhart’s daughter said.  “I went with mom to visit my
grandma down in Missouri, and on the way back we stopped at a Waffle
House in Kansas City. Oh, those pecan waffles are delicious.  Both mom
and I had one, and we even took one back home to dad, who was busy
getting the camper ready to go to Texas.  He warmed it up in the
microwave, and proclaimed it a super budget lunch.”
     “We’ll keep you posted along the way about
happenings,” Bob added, “and the first one is that John Carter Cash, the
only child of Johnny Cash and June Carter, has promised to be with us
at our festival next year.”

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