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     “What a strange spring it is here in Iowa this year. 
Last year we came back from California and it was like California here. 
This year we came back from Florida and it’s like being in Alaska.” 
Bob Everhart of the Smithsonian duo, Bob & Sheila, spent several
years in Alaska.  “I was a disc jockey in Juneau,” he said.  “It was
kind of funny, I had been working on radio in Omaha, and this radio
owner in Juneau got hold of me and offered me the managers job at KJNO. I
said sure, why not.  The catch was, at least that’s what he told me,
was that the previous manager had absconded from Juneau, and took all
the stations LP’s with him, therefore they didn’t have any records to
play.  I said I’d take the job if I could do country music.  He said
fine, I said fine, and I spent two years up there.  I liked it in the
summer time, but the winters are gruesome in Juneau.  I lived in a
beautiful cabin on the shores of the inlet, could spot whales from my
porch, and little black bears raided my garbage can every night.  Eagles
nested in the trees above me, so it was a glorious place to be….when
it wasn’t cold and rainy.”
     “I think it’s going to be a short damp summer,” Sheila
added.  “Bobbie Lhea and I have never been to Alaska, but we’d like to
go see where Bob worked someday.  In the meantime, we’re gearing up for
another great show at the Oak Tree in Anita, Iowa.  June Webb, Roy
Acuff’s vocalist and the opening act for Hank Williams, will be with
us.  She is an incredible artist with a very interesting history in
country music.  May 31st is the special day, and we’re sure looking
forward to that.  Bob has been real busy working on the LeMars, Iowa,
festival too, and just received word that Joanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s
younger sister will be with us.  Her husband is Dr. Harry Yates, the
founder of Nashville’s Cowboy Church, so we can expect a wonderful
gospel time when they are with us this year.”
     “We’ve only been out a couple of times this week,”
Bobbie Lhea added, “so our ‘budget lunch’ was a take-home to dad.  Mom
and I went to Taco-Bell who has a nice steak casadia.  I had a burrito
taco and mom had a regular taco. This is pretty good stuff, and way
below the max on the budget lunch.  I like it because it also includes a
     “We keep getting this interesting comment at the Oak
Tree,” Bob added.  “Sheila’s hotdogs and polish sausages are the best
ever.”  “Well, yes, that’s true, they are good.  She cooks them on one
of the old-timer hot dog cookers that brings them from cool to hot and
back to cool again until they are done.  They are good, and the steamed
buns make them taste really good.  We’ll have some available for June
Webb’s show on May 31st.”

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