Iowa…..”We just got back from the “Hampton’s Country-Fest,” Bob
Everhart said, “which ispromoted  by Gladys Strein.  She lives in
California, and made the trip back by car this year.  She got caught
in a snowstorm in Oklahoma, making this ‘spring’ even stranger than
ever.  The attendance was down a bit this year, mostly because she
forgot to send out her invitations, but there was still a large crowd,
especially for the Saturday afternoon and Saturday night shows.  Great
artists too, Terry Smith, Red Johnson, Dale Eichor, Bobby Awe, Annie
& Teri Avery, Bill Hedren, and Bob & Sheila.  We had a great
time, though we thought the ‘food’ was a little down in quality, but we
eat in the camper anyway, so it wasn’t all that important.  Lots of
humor this year, nearly every act had the audience in good spirits with
lots of laughter all the way through.  Great time, even though it was
cool in the evening.”
     “Mother’s day was also pretty neat for me,” Sheila
added.  “We went shopping at Barnes & Noble on the way home in Des
Moines, to get some books.  Bobby Lhea is such an avid reader, we’ve all
sort of taken up ‘reading’ as a hobby.  This particular bookstore
always has some  books on sale, so that’s where we look first.  When we
get done reading a good book, we either pass it along to friends, or
give them to the Goodwill Store.  Sometimes we give them to the library
if they don’t have the latest copy of a good book and they don’t have
it.  At any rate, it sure is a nice experience, especially when we’re on
the road.”
     “Dad took us to mom’s favorite restaurant for lunch,”
Bobbie Lhea added.  “It wasn’t a budget lunch, but it was very good.  At
Jordan Creek Mall, in Des Moines, is a restaurant called Mimi’s French
Cafe.  There’s one in California that dad took us to, and we all liked
it, so this is the one mom picked for Mother’s Day.  I had pot roast and
really good mashed potatoes with brown gravy, dad had that too, and
really good French onion soup.  Mom had some kind of crepes with a
special French chicken dish.  I can’t say the name anyway, so there’s
not point in trying to write it.”
     “We all had a very nice time in Hampton,” Bob added,
“and we’re also getting ready for the terrific Pat Boilesen show at the
Oak Tree Opry here in Anita on May 17.  Ms. Boilesen is a super
performer, and performing with her is a champion banjo player, John
O’Brien from Omaha.  We’re looking forward to a real good time, show
starts at 7pm.”

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