“We’ve been staying at Frog Creek RV park,” says Bob
Everhart of the dynamic Smithsonian duo, Bob & Sheila. “We like this
park because it’s so friendly, but we are wary of Wednesday evenings,
that’s Happy Hour, and the folks at Frog Creek are very serious about
it.  Lasting two hours, it does create a sort of change in their
personalities as well as their ability to walk a straight line.  I’ve
often wondered about activity directors that follow Happy Hour with
their monthly dart throwing championship.  How they manage to do this
without a dart in someone’s forehead is beyond me.  Also, the dart board
is right next to the entry door, and you can see several ‘near-misses’
of the door, not the target.”
     “Our last show of the tour,” Sheila added, “was at the
very nice Willows Theater in Boca Raton.  This is a beautiful
performance center, seats right at 150, which we were pleased to find
full, or nearly so, there were some single seats along the side walls. 
They have all kinds of programs at this theater, and we were on their
‘First Tuesday’ series of shows.  The musical ‘Chicago’ was on last
time, so we were a little apprehensive, but the program went off without
a hitch, and we even got a standing when it was over.  Bob was very
pleased with the audience, and Bobbie Lhea was too at the CD sales
     “It was an afternoon matinee,” Bob added, “so as soon
as it was over, we sped off toward the west, and eventually back home in
Iowa.  It was a knuckle grinder getting through Miami however, we were
on I-95 south which had an accident on it, slowed us down considerable,
and then we got on Highway 41-West to get to Big Cypess RV park. It was
‘rush-home’ time of course, and that took another hour.  We finally got
to Big Cypress before dark, and settled in for a couple of nights.  I
like the park, there are at least three large alligator that live in
Monument Lake, right next to where we park.  Another reason is, this is a
part of the National Park, so if you have a Golden Eagle pass, it only
costs $8 a night to park there.  We enjoyed it a lot, especially the
sunsets on the opposite side of the lake with the water reflection. 
Just a beautiful experience.
     “Thank goodness for Wendy’s,” Bobbie Lhea added.  “Dad
found one, and was even more surprised at how far a $20 bill goes
feeding three people.  I borrowed his receipt, and this is what we had
for a budget lunch.  Dad had a large chili, a loaded baked potato, and a
cup of coffee; mom had a Junior bacon-cheeseburger, a loaded baked
potato, and a soft drink; and I had a Ceasar wrap, an order of french
fries, a soft drink and a frosty. Total bill $19.62, boy was dad happy,
so was I.”

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