“When we left the Big Cypress Seminole Indian
Reservation RV Park,” Bobbie Lhea Everhart, Bob & Sheila’s daughter
said, “driving along the off-the-beaten-path road, no one knows how old,
there was an absolutely huge black racer snake on the road.  Dad slowed
down so as not to hurt it, and it scurried into the nearby swamp, but
it was a little scary.”
     “We’re just about finished with our four month
performance tour of Florida.” Bob Everhart, of the Bob & Sheila
Smithsonian Duo said.  “Contrary to what one of our musician friends
here in Florida told us, as we were setting the tour up, that ‘he knew
absolutely no one who would book an old-time music act, much less pay
them,’ has pretty much been discredited.  We’ve played nearly every
weekend we’ve been in Florida, and those couple that we haven’t, we
played during the week.  We just finished performing at the Manatee
Village Heritage Festival in Bradenton, and it was a wonderful
experience for us.  The local ABC television station filmed us and
showed it on the 6:30pm, and 11:30pm news.  This particular event is in
an old-time restored ‘village’ from the past, so our music, the Florida
historical heritage, and the large number of visitors present made for a
really enjoyable day for all of us. The sponsors, the city of
Bradenton, liked our act so much they even paid us more than the agreed
upon contract price.  Our CD sales have been very good too, ever since
we’ve been in Florida, especially our Smithsonian CD’s.  We only have
one more gig left, that’s at the very prestigious Willow Theater in Boca
Raton.  Located in Sugar Sand Park, this theater normally has classical
music, opera, even ballet, however the ‘open-minded’ Director has
included us in their regular “Afternoons At The Willow.”  We’re on
Tuesday, March 19, 1pm.  Tickets are $7, so if you can come, come early
as they frequently sell out.  This same week they are also featuring the
play ‘Chicago’ as well as an ‘Evening with the Opera.’  We really like
the way they promoted us on their website, very nice to say the least.”
     “I’m really caught up in the ‘march to regain
traditional country music’ that will take place in Nashville on April
17,” Bob added, “but we have a show at the Oak Tree Performance Center
on April 19, and I’m not sure I can get all the ‘business’ taken care
of.  It’s our first ‘show’ of the season, April 19-20-21, a kind of
mini-festival of old time rural music, and there’s just a ton of
incredibly talented performers on the entire weekend, so that’s where my
first obligation is.  We’ll see.”
     “Dad has an interesting way of finding a budget lunch
for us,” Bobbie Lhea added.  “The hamburgers and hotdogs at the Manatee
Village Heritage Festival were cheap, so of course he calls that a
budget lunch.  I’ll be glad when we can get back to a Wendy’s, at least I
can get a salad there.”

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