Anita, Iowa…..”We are kind of on the road,” Bob
Everhart says about the entertainment duo, Bob & Sheila, “but it’s
mostly to a larger town to get supplies, or whatever.  We have some gigs
coming up that will take us out of state, but we’ve been staying pretty
close to home.  On the other hand, June Webb was just with us at the
Oak Tree and she, and her better half, drove all the way from Sarasota,
Florida, for the show.  She was just super.  We had a nearly full house,
which is also unusual since none of our audience had ever heard her
before, but once June got started on her show, it was loud applause and
sing-along all over the place.  It was not only tremendously
entertaining, it was funny too, and June Webb is quite a show-person. 
She had her very old Gibson guitar with her, and I joked that it would
make a nice addition to our Pioneer Music Museum, but she locked on to
it pretty tight and very strongly told me that would not be the case. 
Anyway, we sure enjoyed the show, and so did the audience.  She promises
to come back again, so I hope those that were thinking of seeing her,
will come next time.”
     “We’ve been so busy,” Sheila, Bob’s wife added, “we
hardly have time to get anything done.  Our next show at the Oak Tree is
this coming Thursday night, June 6th.  We’re so fortunate to get these
incredibly gifted musicians and entertainers to perform in our little
show house in such a small town.  Even the young entertainers enjoy
coming here.  Sarah Davison used to live in Braddyville, Iowa, and then
moved to Nashville to go to school, study music, and become a recording
artist.  She’s done all of that, and she’s coming from Nashville to do a
show for us with her band “High Road.”  This three-part female harmony
is really really good, so even though it’s a Thursday, we hope we’ll
have a nice turn out for Sarah.  That’s not our normal night, but she
needed an extra gig to make the trip up to visit her folks in
Braddyville, and we’re glad to help out.”
     “I didn’t think he’d do it,” Bobbie Lhea, the
Everhart’s daughter piped up, “but dad finally broke down and got us a
budget lunch at the Burger King.  They have their new menu featuring
pulled BBQ pork and French fried sweet potatoes, so that’s what we all
had.  It was well within our budget, and even dad said he thought it was
pretty good, though he doesn’t really like too much fast-food.  Anyway I
liked it a lot, and hope we get to do that again before they change the
menu.  Lots of restaurants are ‘testing’ new menus, and many of them
are doing that here in Iowa, so maybe we’ll have some more budget lunch
food-exploration to do.”

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