I could say it was a race against time, but it
wasn’t.  Sheila leisurely drove us to Omaha for a 2pm appointment at the
Vets Hospital for an Echo.  Fortunately my heart was palpitating when I
took the echo, because sometimes it doesn’t, so this time they got a
good look at my heart, not only heard the missing beats, but got to see
them as well, but nobody got excited.  Well, just about nobody, a few
days later when Cheryl Juhl was at the Plymouth County Fair in LeMars,
somebody there told her I was dead.  So, she called, and of course I
answered the phone, for which she was very grateful.  Everything seems
to be all right from the Vets Hospital too, for I haven’t heard anything
back from them about the Echo.  Lunch that day, was at the Gyro
Restaurant very near the hospital, and of course by drinking water
instead of pop, we came out with a nice budget lunch.  Bobbie probably
won’t say anything about it, because she loves the lamb in the gyro
sandwiches there.  We got to make the trip double-fold with a stop at
Whole Foods, Sheila’s favorite grocery.  We don’t buy a lot of stuff
there, but some things just can’t be beaten, like fresh fruits and
vegetables, so we stocked up on that.  They always have new things at
Whole Foods, and this time it was baked cheese.  No, I never heard of it
either, but it sure disappeared rapidly once it got to our own
refrigerator.  We also got a loaf of freshly baked bread at Whole Foods
too, this time a Tuscan Rustic. mmmmgood. 
     We had a nice visit from the Red Hats from Exira,
Iowa.  Eleven lovely elder ladies came for a tour of the Pioneer Music
Museum.  I had a nice time showing them around and telling them the
stories of some of the exhibits.  The story about Spade Cooley is always
a thriller.  Come and see the museum sometime and I’ll tell it to you. 
The ladies enjoyed the Leadbelly story and how he came to write “Irene
Goodnight Irene,” and they also liked the story about how Bill Monroe
and his brother Charley came to Shenandoah, Iowa, for their first paying
music gig in 1934.  It always amazes bluegrassers when I tell them Bill
married a girl from Clarinda, Iowa.
     We’re getting all geared up for the Terry Smith tour. 
He’s in Bloomfield, Iowa, at the Iowa Theater, on August 1 at 7pm, and
then at the Oak Tree in Anita Aug. 2 & 3.  The Aug. 2nd show is sold
out, but there are still seats available for the Aug 3 show.  It’s
matinee time Aug. 4th at the Rec Center Theater in Carroll at 2pm, and
then an evening show at the Baptist Church in Wall Lake at 7pm, so we’re
going to be very busy for a few days.  We’re also very busy getting
ready for the LeMars old-time country festival Aug. 26 through Sept. 1. 
Just got word that Barbara Fairchild (Teddy Bear) will be with us too. 
It’s going to be fun, so make plans early.  Bring a camper, that’s when
it’s the most fun.

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