“We’re definitely ‘on the road.’  It’s been a busy
week, we had the extreme pleasure of receiving an 1889 Chicago Cottage
foot-pedal reed organ for the Pioneer Music Museum, and at the same time
are struggling to find someone to help fix the roof.  So it goes in the
museum world.  We could make a pretty good deal for someone who would
fix the roof in exchange for a nice RV,” says Bob Everhart
     The Everharts just returned from the Juhl Farm near
Remsen, Iowa, where they performed on the 6th country and gospel music
fest fundraiser for the Church of the Damascus Road Prison Ministry. 
“This is such an important ministry,” Sheila said, “No one cares about
people in prison, but they are the ones in most need of Christ’s
teachings. We had a super good time performing with our friend Terry
Smith from Nashville.  He’s going to be at our Oak Tree Opry on Aug. 2
& 3, with two completely different shows.  First we have John &
Susan McNeill from South Dakota on July 19th.  This couple is one of the
most entertaining acts we’ve ever had at the Oak Tree, a sure to please
act that just keeps on keepin’ on.”
     “Dad was so pleased to show me the meal tickets he got
at Juhl’s Farm,” Bobbie Lhea said.  “He proudly proclaimed that we
would all get two nice lunches, free of charge, since we were performing
on the festival.  I told him I didn’t think that qualified since he
wasn’t paying anything.  And he said, sure we’re paying something, we’re
singing, therefore we get two free budget lunches.  They were actually
pretty good, the ‘taverns’ were super.  They are kind of like sloppy
joe’s if you know what that is.  I also enjoyed the music at the Juhl’s
Farm.  They have a stage in a treed arbor that is really nice, and some
of the acts were actually pretty good.  One of my favorites is Terry
Smith, and I’ll get to see him again in August, but I also enjoy John
& Susan McNeill, because John can really be funny.”
     “Bobbie Lhea is right about the Juhl Farm Festival
being a good one,” Bob added.  “On the bill was Don Grubb, Rick &
Harriette Andersen, Jackie Shewey, Lee Muller, Pat Boilesen, Russ Vande
Vegte, Country Outlaws, Allyn Anderson, Francis Hahn, Marge Lund, Elaine
Peacock, Terry Smith, and me & Sheila of course. They were all

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