“Getting over the Florida’ bug’ isn’t all that easy,
but a week of rest, a ton of medicine, and some sunshine does marvelous
things.”  Bob & Sheila Everhart, who record for the Smithsonian
Institution, and are on the road performing their ‘traveling museum of
music’ in middle Florida.  “We’re all three pretty much back to normal,
and looking forward to some more adventure.  We stayed at what we
thought would be a nice plush RV park called the Club Naples RV Resort,
mostly because there wasn’t anything else available.  It was expensive,
and we had to park so close to fellow campers there wasn’t much more
than a few inches between our rigs.  Go figure.  And, just parking and
unparking was a chore, so that won’t be a park well visit in the
future.  I stopped by the pool to watch the afternoon karaoke singers,
but that didn’t last long, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard such bad
singers.  We needed to move on, so we did.
     “Bob found a neat place to spend a night in Big
Cypress National Park,” Sheila added.  “First off, this is a national
park, so we stopped at the visitors center and really enjoyed their
program, all the alligators and birds, and just being at a beautiful
place.  Right next door is an RV park, next to a lake, but there are no
hook-ups.  No water, no electricity, no sewer, no cable, no nothing. 
When we went in, the camp host asked Bob if he had a Golden Eagle pass. 
This is the pass anyone over 65 can get from the National Park
Service.  Bob showed it, and the guy said that would be $8 for the three
of us for the night.  We knew this would be fine, we parked right next
to the lake.  We had such a nice time, Bob got his binoculars out and
watched Osprey’s dive into the water and catch fish.  So did a huge
flock of swallows, probably after mosquito larva.  I had a bottle of
white zinfandel wine which we had as we watched the sun go down.  Then a
huge alligator floated right by us, probably ten feet away, and finally
on, we were too scared to move.  Fireflies came out with the full moon,
so we want to do that again, for sure.”
     “Dad took us on one of those big Wooten air boat
trips,” Bobbie Lhea piped up.  “Wow, that was really fun.  These huge
air boats just glide over the water, even the grass.  We saw so many
beautiful birds, one huge flock of Rosetta spoonbills.  Lots of storks,
ibis, egret, heron, and all kinds of neat creatures, including
alligators and turtles.  And then dad stopped at a Miccosukee Indian
Reservation cafe for lunch.  Guess what I had?  Frog legs and alligator
tail.  You know what, people who eat frog legs that says it tastes like
chicken are right, it does.  The alligator tail isn’t bad either.  Both
mom and dad liked the Indian fry bread, so even though it wasn’t a
budget lunch, we sure had a good one.  Now we’re headed for Miami to
take a cruise to Jamaica.”

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