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    “We’re off for Stone Mountain, called the number one
attraction in Georgia.  We were a little disappointed.  It truly is a
huge, if not enormous, round-topped treeless huge mound of granite, with
a very very small carved etching of some of the southern Civil War
generals, but very small.  Their publicity says more massive than Mount
Rushmore, apparently they have never seen Mount Rushmore.  Anyway, this
particular park is ‘kind-of’ managed by Silver Dollar City staff from
Branson.  So, my Silver Dollar City VIP pass saved us considerably in
camping fees, but we had to park five times to find a spot level enough
to use the levelers on the camper.  We weren’t happy campers, but it was
a pleasant park, though not many users in it.”
     “We are in the Atlanta area to perform our ‘Traveling
Museum of Music’ for the Main Library in Decatur, Georgia.” Sheila
said.  “When Bob asked the audience who was from Atlanta and who was
from Decatur and then asked if they were one and the same, he nearly had
a riot on his hands.  These kind of Smithsonian library gigs pay quite
well, and this particular library had a very nice auditorium, stage, and
about 150 comfortable seats for the audience.  It wasn’t full, but
pretty close.  We enjoyed doing the show very much.  The audience was
enthusiastic too, and bought a lot of cd’s.  The Main Librarian wants us
to come back again, but that will probably be a ways off.  What was an
incredibly nice experience for us was to have a bite to eat after the
show.  Just across the street was a small restaurant called Sapori di
Napoli Italian.  We are so glad we ate there.  Bobbie and I had a large
pizza, but it was very very different from normal pizza.  First off it
is cooked in a very hot wood fired clay oven.  Secondly, we asked for
some pepperoni, and they said “no, pepperoni means pepper and it’s an
American invention so we don’t use it, but we have some excellent
Italian salami if you like.”We did, and we liked, but even more was the
mozzarella cheese.  It is the original method, made entirely from water
buffalo milk.  It was delicious.  Bob had an Italian sausage cooked with
some eggplant and zucchini.  According to him it was large and it was
good.  What a delightful experience.  Then we decided to have one piece
of Italian chocolate cheese cake to share among the three of us, and
they brought three little cups of espresso, which was free.  It was
delicious too.  What a nice experience.”
     “We needed to get on to Florida, so off we went.” Bob
added. “We wanted to stay at the Stephen Foster campground, but they
were full.  So we stopped, according to our Woodall’s guide, the next
park, Suawanee Valley Resort.  When we got to the gate, it said please
push the button for service.  We did, and after a while, an older gray
haired man came out.  We said we’d like to camp the night.  He said this
is no longer a regular campground, it’s a nudist colony.  We said ‘but
we have a 16-year old daughter,’ and he said ‘welcome welcome.’  Than I
said we were musicians, maybe they might be interested in a concert, and
he said ‘yeah if you can play naked.  Since neither Tex Schutz or I
look good that way, we left.
     “Dad finally found a nice campground not so far away,”
Bobbie Lhea added, “but we never did get a budget lunch.  Maybe I
should be grateful he took us to that great Italian restaurant in

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