“We’ve had a few interesting gigs in the past week.” 
Bob & Sheila Everhart of Anita, Iowa, are on tour in Florida. They
perform in a lot of RV parks and resorts.  “We got to play in the
waterfront amphitheater at the Manatee Springs State Park,” Bob added. 
“Golly I wish they would do this in Iowa.  Some of the state parks in
Florida have entertainment all the time.  Manatee Springs was especially
nice, when we went back to our camper after the show, there were five
white-tail deer right behind our camper. Sheila was able to go about ten
feet from them for some really good photos.  We sure had a good time,
this particular park is very forest-like.”
     “We went from the Manatee Springs to the Yankee
Traveler,” Sheila added.  “Yankee Traveler is an RV Resort in Largo. 
While we were in Largo, Charley Groth came and seen us, that’s where he
lives.  Most of the people that stay in the RV park for the winter are
from Nova Scotia, so we have another ‘lead’ on our possible trip to that
great part of Canada.  Besides the show we did, we were also offered
five nights of free camping, so that makes it a nice ‘plus’ for us.  The
activity director asked us to his RV for coffee after the show, which
was really nice.  In conversation we got around to the kinds of food we
like.  He asked us if we had ever eaten moose meat, and I had, but
Sheila and Bobbie Lhea had not, so he gave us a big jar of moose meat to
take with us.”
     “Next stop was Frog Creek in Palmetto, Florida,” Bob
said.  “This one is a beauty.  We just finished our show there, and not
only did well with CD sales, they parked our camper right next to Frog
Creek.  We haven’t seen many frogs, but just across the creek is a small
farm with about 23 goats and one really loud turkey.  There’s a rooster
there too, but he only crows around noon. We thought the Frog Creek
Cloggers would be on the show with us. They dress in green, but they had
another calling elsewhere.  There’s a huge old pin-oak tree right next
to our camper, and zillions of little tiny lizards.  Bobbie Lhea caught
one, it was so tiny it wasn’t much bigger than her fingernail.”
     “Dad took us to one of his favorite places to eat for a
budget lunch,” Bobbie Lhea said, “he really likes the french onion soup
at Panera’s, and even though we eat there a lot when we’re back home,
this was the first one we’ve seen in Florida.  It’s remarkable, if you
plan your lunch properly, you can make it a budget lunch.  I had some
french onion soup and a salad, mom had her usual dried tomato sandwich,
and dad had french onion soup and a ham & cheese sandwich.  It is
always so good.  Dad bought a baquette to take with us, but we didn’t
count that as part of lunch.”

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