Anita, Iowa…..”What a wonderful weekend we had in
Anita at the Oak Tree Opry,” says Bob Everhart the mover and shaker
behind the little performance center in Anita, Iowa.  “We had full
houses both Friday and Saturday night for our SpringFest, and our
Saturday matinee and Sunday gospel show were well attended too.  The
publisher of the Anita Tribune even came on Friday night, so that was an
extra treat.  The shows were just magnificent, good old-timey
entertainment like it used to be. Not loud, very good players and
singers, and we even give young people a chance to perform for an
appreciative audience.  Calvin Duhacek the 13-year old rag-time piano
player and Riley Jensen the  pretty 12-year old lass who played guitar
and ukulele were super.  What a special treat.  All of our performers,
over 25 of them including the little French singing dog LeMar, performed
really well.  We noticed that the Anita Tribune publisher was very
pleased with the singing dog, even humming along.”
     “I think we raised enough money to get some materials
to fix the roofs on both the Oak Tree and the Pioneer Music Museum,”
Sheila added, “we just need to find some ‘muscle’ to help us get it
properly installed.  Bob has a plan, we’ll see if it works.  We were so
impressed to receive two dozen beautiful red roses from Bob Duff who
used to live in Anita.  He lives in California now, and he’s a
tremendously busy guy, but he took time out of his schedule to send us
some beautiful flowers and best wishes on our first show of the season. 
He knows we have a great time at the Oak Tree, and this year’s season
is a real treat.  Some of the new folks in the audience that came this
past weekend marveled that we are able to do these kind of shows for
$7.  We do, but we have several coming up that are so high on the ‘pro’
list we have to charge $10.  The Roys from Nashville are going to be
with us on Friday, April 26, for a special show before they go to
Denmark for some concerts.  It will cost $10 to see them, show starts at
7pm, but they are one of the best acoustic traditional country and
bluegrass bands working out of Nashville.  It’s a brother and sister,
and that kind of vocal harmony just can’t be beaten.  We know, because
the Everly Brothers grew up learning how to do that sibling harmony
right here in Iowa.”
     “I don’t know about dad,” Bobbie Lhea, the Everhart’s
daughter added.  “Just because he pays for something around 2pm and then
lets us eat it later doesn’t exactly make a budget lunch.  He says it
does because that’s when he pays for it, but I have to admit, it’s a
pretty good lunch no matter when you eat it.  Mom has one of those old
time hot-dog & polish sausage roasters at the Oak Tree.  She sells
out all the time, so of course dad had to pay for ours, but they are so
good, and there’s a steamer on the roaster too so the buns are always
steamy fresh, and I really like them. I like to put mustard and a little
sweet pickle relish on mine, and I like the polish sausages more than
the hot-dogs, but dad eats both of them.  We can do that and have some
popcorn and some soft drinks and a great big Snickers candy bar and
still have three meals for less than $20.  Yep, I’d have to say that’s a
great budget lunch.”

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