“Being a ‘normal’ Iowan, we’ve come to expect the
weather to be changeable in our home state.”  Bob Everhart, resident of
Anita, Iowa, half the year, and the other half of the year he and his
wife Sheila, and daughter Bobbie Lhea, travel the country in their RV
looking for work as performing artists for the Smithsonian Institution. 
“Last year when we came back from California,” Bob said, “the
temperature was 84.  This year when we came back from Florida it
was 24.  I think we’ll keep going to California.”
     “April is also income tax time,” Sheila added, “and
that puts Bob in a snit because he thinks taxes are too high.  Anyway,
he likes to use H&R Block because they have a specialist who deals
with non-profit associations.  Which means we have to make out two sets
of taxes, three if we pay Iowa taxes.  I suppose that would cause anyone
to have a snit.  We went to Council Bluffs for the tax session, and
while Bob was in that office for three hours, me and Bobbie Lhea went
shopping.  I shouldn’t say that when it’s tax time, we just went looking
     “We got it all under control,” Bob added, “and it’s
not easy.  What in the world does the government do with all that money
they collect from us?  It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t also have to
pay a high fee just to get the taxes done. We’re well on the way of
getting some help fixing the roof on the Pioneer Music Museum, so I
needn’t complain.”
     “We’re definitely looking forward to a great
SpringFest at the Oak Tree Opry,” Bobbie Lhea said.  “There are so many
really good performers coming to be with us April 19-20-21.  Jackie
Shewey was one of them, but she has been in the hospital waiting for a
liver transplant, so she might not make it, but she is on schedule to do
a special show on July 5th.  We also hope Francis Hahn will do his
‘patriotic’ show that day too.  We had an interesting ‘budget lunch’ and
dad is always working on ways to make that happen.  When we went to
Council Bluffs to do the taxes, we decided to go to the Olive Garden for
lunch knowing we wouldn’t get three meals for $20, but darned if they
didn’t have a new special.  If you bought one of their ‘specials’ for
$12, you could get another one free to take home with you.  Sure, dad
ordered his that way, left some for the ‘take-home’ bag, and then had
another whole meal the same, so that was our budget lunch, and darned if
it wasn’t enough for all three of us.  I guess it works, but we ate at
7pm.  Dad says it doesn’t matter, he paid for it at lunch time.  See you
at the Oak Tree April 19-20-21.”
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