Mapleton, Iowa….”Father’s Day in America is quite a deal, especially
if you are a father.  I guess everyone knows that Sheila (my wife) and I
have a 16-year old daughter, Bobbie Lhea, who is constantly on me about
this ‘budget lunch’ thing.  I know, I know, but we only do that once a
week, and this week I surprised her.  Anyway, back to ‘Father’s Day,’
which also happens to be me and Waylon Jennings birthday.  Waylon would
have been 76, I was 77.  Waylon couldn’t make it, but Sheila, Bobbie
Lhea, and I were off ‘on the road’ to Mapleton, Iowa, where Francis
& Jeannie Hahn live. Gathered there in a small rural town were a
couple hundred people honoring their 60th wedding Anniversary.  Lo and
behold, who’s playing the music for this large gathering, none other
than the Kenastons, without a doubt one of our very best country music
groups in the entire upper Midwest.  Roger had his Dobro and his
acoustic guitar, Sharon had her acoustic guitar, and Dale Eichor was on
bass.  Boy, talk about some good country music.  We were surprised to
see them in Mapleton, because the Wahoo, Nebraska, festival they host
starts next Thursday, so they played a great set and then were off to
Wahoo, Nebraska, perhaps some of you know this town as the home office
of David Letterman, on national CBS Television.  Or whatever.  We’ll
head over on Wednesday because there are some terrific jams at this
festival.  The Kenastons concentrate on the dances, but they also
present some terrific entertainment on their outdoor main stage.  Leona
Williams (former wife of Merle Haggard and one of his best songwriters)
is there Thursday along with her son Ron.  So, right off the bat, we
know it’s going to be a fun time for us.  It goes June 20 through June
23rd, so it’s going to be a good one.  Sheila and I will be performing
     “We’re also getting ready for our July 5th show here
at the Oak Tree,” Sheila added.  “It’s going to be a special
Independence Day celebration for us.  The very last flag to fly in Viet
Nam will be here, along with the guy who brought it out, and the
unbelievable story behind this.  Also our old friend Lee Muller, the
Kansas Tornado will be on, and a very special guest, Jackie Shewey who
is still in line for a liver transplant, but she’s going to be here, so
come and see a super neat show on July 5th at the Oak Tree in Anita,
Iowa, showtime 7pm.”
     “Dad did surprise me,” Bobbie Lhea piped up.  “He got
some really delicious croissant sandwiches at the Casey’s He had a ‘Tuna
Salad,’ mom had a ‘Chicken Salad,’ and I had an ‘Egg Salad.’  They were
sooooo good, and the croissant tasted like they had just made them. 
They cost $3.99 each, and boy was dad grinning, because he said I could
have my choice from the drink selection.  Yep, this time budget lunch
was delicious.”
Bob & Sheila Everhart ON THE ROAD www.ntcma.net

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