Olivia Faye Interview

Olivia Faye Interview

by Savina Todorova for Country Music News International

Olivia Faye is a country/pop singer/songwriter and actress who hails from Murray, Kentucky. Growing up in a family of music lovers, her musical stylings pay homage to many of the early icons of country music, blues and classic rock. Olivia moved to Nashville at 19, and quickly acclimated to a life in Music City as a songwriter and performer. Her smooth, bluesy vocals and catchy tunes have won her numerous invitations to perform throughout Nashville and beyond, her favorite being Puckett’s of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee where she is a regular.

Savina Todorova: How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Olivia Faye: The last year for me had its ups and downs! During the time Nashville was shut down it was vey scary having no places to play because that is how I (like many artists) rely on making a living. But I made the best of it by spending lots of time back home in Kentucky with my family and a lot of time outside in nature. It really helped spark something in myself with my song writing I didn’t know I needed. Once venues opened back up again and I was playing again it was wonderful! Everyone needed live music more than ever! Looking back on 2020 I am thankful for the downtime that brought us all closer together.

Savina Todorova: What is your latest CD and how’s it doing?

Olivia Faye: I wrote the majority of the songs on the EP with my good friends and producers Maks Gabriel and JT Hodges! I love co-writing. It is probably my favorite process of making music other than recording!

I started writing these songs I am releasing, as a 22 year old gal. So they are very lighthearted and where I am at in life thus far. Some troubling experiences and some sweet young love that I hope can be relatable to all!

Other than putting out a few singles here and there over the years, this is my first big project I have put out and the first EP I have ever made! I am so happy to finally be sharing these songs!

Savina Todorova: What will your next single be?

Olivia Faye: I think my next single will be a song I co-wrote called “Fell in Love with my Freedom”. It’s an empowering song about leaving a bad relationships and falling in love with yourself and being free to be yourself!

Savina Todorova: What is the best compliment a fan has given you?

Olivia Faye: The biggest compliment a fan has given me would probably be at a show in 2019 when a women said if she had only one voice she could listen to to sing to her forever, it would be mine! Out of all the amazing singers?! Now that’s a big compliment, wow!

Savina Todorova: What do you think of today’s music industry?

Olivia Faye: Today’s music industry is as different as ever especially with the way the last year has gone! It has really taught me to be very self sufficient and there is so much we can do on our own to be successful!


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