just had Sarah Davison and her most excellent band “High Road” with us,
all the way from Nashville.  We do not normally have shows on Thursday
night, but this wonderful group led by Sarah, was in Iowa so Sarah and
her friends could spend some time with her parents in Braddyville. 
Their show was just simply super.  We had such a good time, our regulars
were with us, Rick & Harriette Andersen who teased Sarah’s fiddler
Anna Grace Kimbrough into playing a huge number of old-time fiddle
tunes before the show even started.  Kiley Phillips is the third female
in the group who also plays guitar.  They had a young male bass player
with them, but he was not a regular. Sarah of course plays keyboards,
and her electronic piano sounded very much like a real piano.  David
Green, one of our regulars,  brought his mom and dad to the show and
even had dad Harold Green sing a song with him.  Francis Hahn whose wife
Jeannie is recuperating at home from back surgery turned in excellent
original songs, and Marge Lund our very own singing lark from Anita sang
some of her best country songs.  Sheila and I did a little Woody
Guthrie and Jimmie Rodgers. 
other special guest was Emma Heyen who really turned in a mind-snapping
set of incredibly good music.  She’s a young country singer but her
voice and her stage presence is that of a much more adult and serious
performer.  All in all it was a super night at our little performance
center, and now we are looking forward to our next guest, Red Johnson,
on June 14th.  Red recorded for Capitol Records, wrote songs for some
huge super-stars including his close friend Dave Dudley, and has a large
fan-club following, so it’s going to be a fun night.  We are even
expecting a train song or too.  Reserved seats at 712-762-4363
Bob Everhart

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