Oak Tree Opry

Oak Tree Opry

just had a super good show at the Oak Tree in Anita, Saturday night. 
Roger Tibbs from New Zealand was our special guest to a ‘standing room
only’ crowd.  We’d like to say he out-drew Terry Smith, but we are now
doing two shows on Terry because he fills his Friday night show, and
nearly fills Saturday night too.  Be that as it may, Roger Tibbs, along
with Tex & Mary Schutz was a remarkably good program.  It’s
absolutely amazing what Roger does with his voice. He did a ‘tribute’ to
Slim Whitman.  I don’t know if you are familiar with Whitman’s music
(he passed away not very long ago), but he was able to use his falsetto
voice amazingly well, just like Roger Tibbs.  Both of these remarkable
singers move their voice in and out of falsetto incredibly easy, and in a
yodel that is absolutely astonishing.  Tex & Mary, along with
Roger, will be at LeMars (Tuesday through Saturday).  It will be a grand
time to hear some absolutely beautiful country music, yodel and all. 
We also have another act coming from New Zealand, Annette Hawkins and
Kim Copedo, again some remarkable country singers, especially in the
‘real-deal’ acoustic style with amazing vocal abilities. We won’t be
having any shows at the Oak Tree now until after the LeMars Festival,
and the first one will be on September 6th.  We are holding over
the ‘Queen of Country Music’ from Ireland, Greta Elkin. This lady too,
is one of those amazing talents that has a great respect and love for
traditional and classic country music.  It’s really remarkable how Roger
Tibbs and Greta Elkin both do a really nice version of “Danny Boy.” 
ONLY AT LEMARS will you see this kind of entertainment, so pack up the
rig and let’s ‘git er’ done.’  Reserved seats for Greta might be
advisable since we won’t be in the office to take care of business for

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