Oak Tree Opry

Oak Tree Opry

getting all geared up for a terrific show on July 5th at the Oak Tree. 
It’s not only going to be a super ‘patriotic’ show, it’s also going to
be a show that features songs from the various time frames of the many
wars America has had to fight to keep freedom alive in our country.  Now
there are people (atheists) picketing the White House (this very day)
using that very same freedom so many of our brave young men and women
died to save…..to tell the world that America was not founded on
Christian principles.  It’s astonishing isn’t it?  What used to be bad
is now good, and what used to be good is now bad.  Where does that leave
us as Christians in our ‘free’ America.  Where are all our ‘famous’
preachers, our television evangelists, our speakers for the Lord Jesus
Christ?  I believe this is only the beginning. Now we must support each
other.  That’s why we want to do this kind of program at the Oak Tree,
before we might not be able to.  We’ll begin with the Revolutionary
War.  “Yankee Doodle” on harmonica and guitar with an old bones player
making it a little more authentic.  Sheila and I will cover the War of
1812 with the ‘Battle of New Orleans” and we’ll also do the most popular
song recorded during World War II.  Rick & Harriette Andersen have
World War I covered, and the lovely Marge Lund has the Korean War
covered.  David Green is doing the Civil War, and of course our
mysterious visitor with the flag has the Vietnam war covered.  Lee
Muller, one of our special guests has the Iraqi war covered, and Jackie
Shewey will not only do her self-penned song, “Just Look At Old Glory”
she’ll also do “Two Little Boys” a song that would apply to all wars. 
We’ll be doing lots of other great old-time country songs as well, but
our focus on this particular show is the wars America has fought so that
atheists can march on our capitol to vent their anger at our freedoms. 
So, please come see us July 5th, an exciting show, lots of good
old-timey friendship and love for our country and our flag.
Bob Everhart – www.ntcma.net

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