Nashville, TN-(December 4, 2012)-When asked “what is the best
music advice you have ever been given?” Steve Rice quipped, “Don’t quit
your day job.”  Taken in the literal sense, Rice would have coveted his
caution from the wind and settled down into the normalcy of forty hours a
week permanently engraved on a time card.  Luckily, Rice’s literal
sense mapped a far greater landscape of normalcy heading one of the top
ranking bands in the independent music scene whose broad style and
catalog is as robust as the hordes of fans that span the country and a
decade.  On December 4th AMERICA’S SON will
be delivered to eager fans that will have the chance to give birth to
their journalistic skills as music critics.  The band is offering an
autographed electric guitar to the best fan review posted on their
Facebook page.  The contest will run for one month ending on January 4th.  The winner will be notified via Facebook.  

Hatched from the Red Dirt music mecca of Stillwater, Oklahoma
and adopted into the live music epicenter of Texas, No Justice has
cultivated a powerful brand built on unforgettable melodies, miles of
solid comprehensive songwriting, and adorned with four
record releases with combined record sales topping over 100,000 units,
two #1 hits and eight Top 10 singles on the Texas Music Chart, and a
demand for live performances that keep them on the road over 200 days a
year.  To succeed in chartering a career with this kind of longevity
today is not fundamentally based on awards or chart action or even sales
stats, though No Justice has all of that and more in spades.  The
absolute key, the very core of any successful music career depends
ultimately on the quality of the music and the continuity in which that
music is produced.  To put it simply, you have to create a pool of music
that people want to swim in and No Justice has done
just that, now five records deep.          

AMERICA’S SON is a family affair with a repeat
performance from producer Dexter Green (Collective Soul) and released
by Smith Music Group, longtime friends and partners who are responsible
for the release of three previous records.  Newer fans that found
themselves addicted to the rock infused sound of their previous 2010
release SECOND AVENUE might be caught a little off
guard by this lighter fix, but long time No Justice fans will be quickly
transported back to the early days and immersed in the country music
sound and heartbreaking melodies that No Justice is most revered for.
Brand new songs cloaked in the gains and losses of a nomadic life are
wiser for the wear here and the nuances of a greater appreciation in
life do not go unnoticed.  The record also features a star-studded cast
both on the recordings and behind the scenes including guest vocal
performances by Elizabeth Cook on “Songs On The Radio” and Rebecca Lynn Howard on the rejuvenated piano soaked “Don’t Walk Away.” 
Jason Isbell, previously of the Drive By Truckers, provides brilliant
slide guitar and backing vocals on the record’s first single “Never Gonna Be Enough” and Texas music fans will pleasantly
a couple of tunes co-written with Casey Donahew as well as Trent
Willmon and Clint Ingersol.  By going back to their roots No Justice has
taken a huge step forward much like the bravest of us who venture out
of our comfort zones and then return home with a stronger sense of self
having faced the new and unknown with audacity.  No Justice is Steve
Rice (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Armando Lopez (drums), Cody Patton
(lead guitar, vocals), Justin Morris (bass, vocals) and Bryce Conway
(keys).  AMERICA’S SON is all of us who laugh, cry, live and love.

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