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Ed Brown’s
new single moving up all charts.  This past week at
the CMA Music Fest, Jim Ed joined a panel to talk about the country music
industry, performed his new single on the Grand Ole Opry, appeared at the
R.O.P.E. Breakfast with the Stars, and joined the great line-up to perform on
Marty Stuart’s Late Night Jam on June 5th.  He did interviews
with IMR (Inside Music Row) NBRN with Laura Dobbs, and a number of interviews
with European Radio Stations.  He has had a busy, productive, and most
enjoyable week.
is still moving to the top of music charts with his self-penned single
“I Get So Lonesome.”  And both Allen and his duet
partner Donna Cunningham are closing in on another #1 duet “Ain’t
That A Lovin Shame.” 
They both attended this past week’s
CMA Music Fest and also the R.O.P.E. Breakfast with the Stars and sang on many
different shows here in Nashville, including John A’s on Music Valley Dr.
 Look for some video’s to come from Century II Records to promote
their artists.  Allen Karl is pushing all the right buttons for his label,
his music, and his artists music, as Century II is getting great recognition
with its stable of talent.
Cunningham, Century II Records,
will release her new single to country
radio in approximately 10 days.  DJ’s worldwide will be excited to
play another great song by this super vocalist as she is getting a lot of
attention here in the U.S., and in Europe, and of course her duets with Allen
Karl are getting major airplay and there is talk of a major European Tour in
the works.  Donna and Allen have built up a large fan base in Europe and
are now gaining a great fan base here in the states.
G. Rice, another Century II Records
artists has been selected by Rural
Roots Music Commission for his single recording of “Down In Texas”
as their Classic Honky-Tonk Single of the Year” for 2013
.  Bobby
G. has just completed his new recording session and says that the songs were
the best that he has recorded in years.  The new single will be released
in a couple of weeks, and we are looking at another great Bobby G. Rice chart
busting song.  He also says that it has been a long time since he has had
to make a choice for his new release, because he has recorded some great
material and is excited to send it to country radio stations.  It could be
another “You Lay So Easy On My Mind,” song for the career of Bobby
G.  We will keep you posted on the new single due out in the next couple
of weeks.
is closing in on a new single in Europe, and one in the U.S. 
The first part of July will see Chuck with a new self-written song going out to
all the DJ’s overseas, and then a separate new single, also self-penned
for release here in the states.  Both songs are destined for #1 because
they are great.  Chuck is enjoying great chart action with his
Inspirational song “His Love Paints a Picture.”  There
is no doubt this will be a Chuck Hancock #1 quickly in the Inspirational
Country Charts.  The nominations begin now for this year’s Inspirational
Gospel Awards Show being held in Nashville, Oct. 20-24.
 His talents
are expanding more with his writing and recording new music.  This will be
a banner year for Chuck Hancock at the ICM Awards Show.
MSR recording artist is enjoying more success than she thought
she would, with her remake of the Johnny PayCheck masterpiece “Ole
Julie is the only female artists in any music to
re-record the song and she was wondering how radio would accept it.  She
found out quickly that they welcomed her great performance on the song, and she
is getting great airplay here and abroad.  The song is taking on a new
life that is keeping it on the airplay lists of many of the DJ’s
worldwide, and Julie is very thankful for their support.

Jeanie, was in Nashville for CMA Music Fest,
and while here she attended
the R.O.P.E. Breakfast with the Stars and had the opportunity to meet many of
the legends and her favorite artists.  This was her first trip to both CMA
Fan Fare and to the Reunion of Professional Entertainers event, and she was
extremely impressed with being able to be a part of this year’s
festivities.  Her new release “Walk A Little Faster,”
is moving faster than her previous releases, and while in Nashville Jeanie
completed two video’s of her last single and current release.  She
has completed the first two video’s of her career and as soon as they are
edited, she will be releasing “Walk A Little Faster” for YouTube,
CMT, GAC, and RFD TV for their review.   

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