Music Videos Offer One of the Quickest Roads to Artist Recognition – by Eileen Carey

Music Videos Offer One of the Quickest Roads to Artist Recognition

(My YouTube Channel is just beginning to really grow with the release of my last three music videos, I think music videos like radio is an indispensable modality to the branding of a music artist.)

By Eileen Carey

Eileen Carey YouTube Channel, 424 Subscribers, 498,607 Views

I first came to Los Angeles to learn to make films. Yes, Yes I was working in hotel management in Cleveland, and was able to transfer out to Southern California, and despite my music training made the move to, as I said, learn to make movies. With life leading me back to music I have been able to make use of that movie making interest in the collaborations I have had in the making of my music videos.

“Bottle Your Crazy Up” 50,000 views, 2014

(Cast and crew of Eileen Carey’s “Bottle Your Crazy Up” music video)

Until the making of “Bottle Your Crazy Up” my EPK video, made in 2009, attracted the most views on my Youtube channel, 1500 or so. My most recent lyric video for my #1 country music single “Keep Your Love To Yourself” has been viewed for 103,000 music fans.

“BYCU” was a very large production, and I worked with a wonderful filmmaker named Denise Duff and who hired some incredible talents like Julie Michaels, best known for her role opposite Patrick Swayze in the film Road House (1989), We shot at the Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth, California. We even hired a famous line-dance instructor to choreograph the dance scenes, which were critical to the video.  We shot the horse (Our family horse) and stable shots at the famous Equestrian Center in Burbank, California.

If you are wondering who everyone is above, see Denise Duff’s Behind the Scenes of “Bottle Your Crazy Up,”

“Party at the Beach” 24,500 views, 2015

(Poster for the fundraiser FixNation at the Autry & shot from the “Party at the Beach” music video.

(Eileen Carey at The Autry for FixNation)

(Eileen Carey at The Autry for FixNation)

After the BYCU price tag, I was looking for a less expensive way to be as engaging and still produce the quality product that my fans are used to, not only because of “Bottle Your Crazy Up” video, but the major label track quality releases that we have a reputation so hard worked for with my music producer Travis Allen. What I was looking for came through a publicity firm I hired to help me produce a fundraiser for the Los Angeles based TNR cat clinic called FixNation, that my husband was deeply involved in at the time.

We wanted a video to promote the fundraiser and that PR firm introduced me to a director named Taner Tumkya who I worked with to make the music video for a song on my Let It Go album that we thought fit the summer and the event called “Party at the Beach.”

Part of the idea for the video came from a merchandise habit I have of throwing out t-shirts, CDs and hats into the audience at the end of a set. On the way to my set at the San Diego County Festival in Del husband thought it would be fun to toss beach balls out into the audience during the performing at “Party at the Beach. It would translate into the combination of cats and beach balls and FixNation references for the music video. It was hugely helpful in the incredible turnout we had at The Autry in Los Angeles where we held the fundraiser.

“In the Air” 43,000 views 2016

The dancers for “In the Air” are Kristin Morris and Daniel Kermido.

One of the inevitable side effects of when governments are turned over to thugs, they bring in the creeps, freaks, failures, bitter losers who no one else would touch. Germany in 1930’s. Trump in 2016. Will be so good to be rid of these characters.…

(Photos from the music video “In the Air” and the making of)


In 2016 I wrote a song called “In the Air,” inspired by my trip to Paris earlier in the year. It is always such a magical place to me. I didn’t make a video for the title track and first single off my Let It Go album as I did with the second single with “BYCU”.

“In the Air” was the first single of my post Let It Go writing and recording and releasing singles strategy. With streaming, Spotify, YouTube an artist needs to continue their presence in the culture, and maintain a consistently producing brand. Video is a great driver of radio charts as well. Most important making these music videos are great fun.

“In the Air” was the second video I made with Taner Tumkaya who would become my partner in the creation of my music videos. Taner, a filmmaker and photographer from Germany, and myself worked together on the video for “Party at the Beach; so this was an opportunity to work together again to make, what I believe, is a very romantic and beautiful ballet for the “In the Air” music video. (Dancers names) I thought it worked beautifully with the song! Take a look, and enjoy!

“Faith” 35,471 views 2016

(Photos from the music video of “Faith”)

(Photos from the music video of “Faith”)

The musicians in the video of “Faith” Is John McDuffie (guitar), Shawn Nourse (drums), Travis Allen (bass) & Dale Laduke (keyboards)

I re-recorded “Faith as a single, the original was on my Movin On album, and In Taner I had found a partnership in making my music videos. “Faith,” like “Bottle Your Crazy Up” can be called advice songs (lol), or where I show a young woman a different way of seeing things.


“Good Bad Girl” 15,000 views, 2017

(From the music video of “Good Bad Girl”)

(L-R: Me, Mike Duda (bass), Jonathan David (drummer), actor, lead guitarist John McDuffie, Fanny Tierra who was the “Good Bad Girl” in the music video, and Charlie the Cat)

“Good Bad Girl” was co-written by my rhythm guitarist Al Bonhomme specifically for me, and Taner’s cast of the “Good Bad Girl” was perfect. The video ran into some issues with Google AdWords so it was hard to distribute. Apparently the actor (The Bad Girl) was smoking a cigar to illustrate that bad side of her personality, and Google declined to advertise it at first with their anti-smoking policies, but eventually accepted the video when I explained that the intent wasn’t to sell women smoking as it was an example of the “bad girl,” but the promotion was already compromised. I always thought this video deserved more exposure. What do you think?

“That Town” 6,400 views, 2018

(John McDuffie, Me and Kathryn Grimm in the video)

That Town is probably the most important song I’ve sung and written, certainly the most emotional, both versions for that matter; the first being my first original song release, and the re-write and re-recording of, which created some closure for me. The song and the video is about my leaving home to seek a new and better life. The re-write is about coming back home years later and knowing that “That Town” no longer has any hold on me now.

Its first writing, recording and releasing of it was in the very beginning of my career. It was the song and track that actually launched my country music career, when a country radio promoter heard the original “That Town” on Adult Contemporary radio, where it was having some success.

 “Meet Me Halfway” 85,000 views, September 2019

(“Meet Me Halfway” NMW #1 Single & shot from the music video)

(“Meet Me Halfway” Café Press swag and a video photo)


(Photo from the “Meet Me Halfway music video)

A labor of love, the music video of the same name revolves around the lyrics of the track – the all-encompassing use and bombardment into our lives of social media.  The “social media” scene featuring a number of extras that is peppered throughout the video was shot on Hollywood Boulevard.  Music performance scenes directed by Taner Tumkaya (Principal Owner of Tar Films) were filmed at Underground Studios in Glendale, CA and feature band members; Guitar player John McDuffie, Drummer Lynn Coulter and Bassist Alexis Skjlarevski.


“Finally” 110,000 + 8,000 Facebook views, January 2020

The song written by Los Angeles tunesmith Meesha Black, is both a declaration of love and a demand for reciprocity. If we’re lucky, we’ve been there—immersed in that glorious moment when everything about a budding relationship clicks into place and at last we know that we’ve found the right one. “You are the light that I turn to/You are the sound I fall into/It’s all the things you do/ I’ve finally found you/What the hell are you waiting for?” Strong emotions sometimes cry out for strong language. These lyrics state in the plainest possible way what we feel but may be hesitant to say.

Taner Tumkaya is a unique and creative filmmaker and this old school stop action animated music video of “Finally” has received the best numbers on my channel; and for good reason. Check it out!!

Keep Your Love To Yourself, 103, 000 views, September 2020

(From the lyric music video of “Keep Your Love To Yourself”)

My most recent video for my charting country, Adult Contemporary aqnd Top 40 music single “Keep Your Love To Yourself”  is a lyric video which has been viewed for 103,000 music fans. Quite surprising for a lyric video to be that well received. It think it comes down to a clear story telling that resonates with people. It was created by Julien Saumande, of Dotted Music, a company out of Germany, as well, that does my social media campaigns.

The song is about slamming on the brakes in a relationship and choosing oneself. The song depicts a woman moving on from a toxic relationship, explaining she would rather be by herself and happy than to stay.


In a little side-light, I haven’t been back to Nashville for quite some due current realities, and I miss it! Thought I post this live set at Rippy’s in 2014.The night saw us hidden in the basement of the honkytonk ducking a possible tornado hit. It was shot and put together by a friend of my Nashville publicist Susan Collins, Flick.

Eileen Carey & Band @ Rippy’s Downtown Nashville Feb 20 2014

A music artist needs to use as many avenues as possible to reach music fans and consumers. Music videos really allow for audiences to enjoy the music in a way that is exponential. More importantly, they are so much fun to make!!!!

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