Mrs. Greenbird – Dark Waters

CD Review:  Dark Waters – Mrs. Greenbird

by Denise Labrie for Country Music News International

Long Time No See 3:01

Morals 2:16

Dark Waters 4:43

One Day In June 3:16

Careless Heart 4:35

Midnight Rose 4:49

The Simple Things 3:54

Like A Song In My Head 3:54

1965 3:22

Tides Are Turning 3:18

Learn How To Love You 3:56

It’s a new year and a new beginning. I am taking a walk today through my neighborhood to clear my mind, improve my health and contemplate on balancing my life while listening to the country folk americana CD, Dark Waters.

This CD is a new sound for the duo Sarah Nucken and Steffen Bruckner. They do not disappoint with some very heart strong, deep thought provoking lyrics. The music and vocals provide the perfect accompaniment to the worldly messages delivered in the songs.

Dark Waters

A haunting intro followed by a clear guitar laced melody makes this song meaningful to anyone in the midst of great loss. The vocals and lyrics are meshed together perfectly into pure magic in this song. A beautiful guitar solo transitions smoothly over to the remaining verses. I hear the message coming through that sometimes all we can do is to drift upon the waves, homeward bound. In life we have all found ourselves in situations where all we can do is keep the faith, salvage our soul and hope to come out better on the other side.

One Day In June

Great lyrics about one day in June that will make you want to sing along out loud. This song will take you back to your good thoughts and good time memories. The melody easily moves you right along to the end of  this song. The song shows me how to cope when the world is cold, “…close your eyes and go.” Because, thinking about great memories and celebrating life always changes ones outlook on life.

Careless Heart

“It all boils down to a careless heart,” the lyrics set the stage in the intro.  There is a catchy release at the end of the verses that stays on your mind long after the song has ended. The song is about  a special love that went wrong. Yet, at the same time, it’s the kind of love that makes you want to do it all over again. When I stop to think about it, a childish mind and a reckless love really has destroyed many relationships.

The Simple Things

A beautiful guitar intro followed by clear vocals and harmonies. Poignant lyrics infuse this number, “…I’ve tried to walk without my feet and I’ve tried to dream but couldn’t sleep, and I’ve tried to write forgot all sheets.” How many times have we all felt this way. Sometimes I forget about the simple things when “I’ve tried to find me but I was drowning in the sea.” I found that as Mrs. Greenbird explains that in spite of everything, I am still able to find myself down deep inside.

Like A Song In My Head

This song has a nice melody and an easy to listen to guitar accompaniment. The lap steel guitar solo is very intriguing and pleasing to the ear. Mrs. Greenbird shares fond memories of a past relationship that ended with a painful breakup. I could not help reminiscing about a young romance that I once experienced and even though it did not last, it did make me feel that I was loved.

Tides Are Turning

Drumbeats call you into the song from the beginning to the very end. Right from the start the message captivates you with these lyrics “So lead your soldiers out and march the lovers in.” In this song I learned that it is never too late in life to defeat the negative voices inside our head.

Learn How To Love You

This song is filled with both a beautiful melody and lyrics. It is a song about unending love. What a beautiful testament to true love, “…but if it ever ends, I will learn how to love you again.” The guitar and lap steel guitar are simply magical.

I had a great walk today while listening to this CD. It helped me get some exercise and sort out life from a new perspective. The CD has great lyrics, music, vocals and harmonies.  These songs will help you balance your life through eyes of a strong faith, dreams full of endless hope, and a heart overflowing with love.

Denise Labrie


Reporting for Country Music News International

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