Morgan Wade – Reckless

CD Review: Morgan Wade – Reckless

by Chris Keaton for Country Music News International Magazine


  1. Wilder Days
  2. Matches and Metaphors
  3. Other Side
  4. Don’t Cry
  5. Mend
  6. Last Cigarette
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Reckless
  9. Northern Air
  10. Met You



This Floyd, VA native is an absolute sensation awaiting to be massively accepted as a star.  Her record is jangly, melodic and honest.  But let’s start at the beginning. Floyd has always been known as a bluegrass pickers paradise. The Blue Ridge mountain town has been host to many music and craft festivals.


Morgan’s story includes youthful heartbreak. But she did not stay in linger there. Story goes she broke up with a boyfriend and then recruited musicians from Craigslist and recorded an album about the heartache.


Through quirks of fate and twists and turns of the Universe she connected with Sadler Vaden and Paul Ebersold who recorded and produced this amazing body of work.  Starting with Wilder Days where her plaintive and elegant voice invites the listener to share her stories of cigarette smoke, love and heartache. When she asked, “who were you before I knew your name?” I was hooked and considering her bouts with addictions please pardon the pun.


She has a unique voice and elegant way with words (Matches and Metaphors, Last Cigarette).  The record also features Other Side where she shares, “you knew my skin back before I had all these tattoos.”  Holy smoke, RUFKM?  To me this real country music (whatever that is these days).


Then the title track hits me right where it counts with lines like, “You had me thinking I was okay then you turned around and left me reckless… my heart is


If I may break the Fourth Wall here and speak directly to Morgan. “Carry on and continue to dig deep into your soul and share these songs.  You are on the right track, keep on swimming out past where the waves break!”




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