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Captain Joe Kent is the narrator voice for the History Channel’s new series, ‘Mississippi Men’ which
premiers January 28, 2015 at 9 pm CST. The show is about the people who
live and work on the mighty Mississippi River and her tributaries.
Captain Kent was very tight lipped when it came to the details of the
show. “Of course I know what is going to happen on the show,” he said
with a twinkle in his eye, “I did the voice overs for the entire first
season, but all I will tell you is to batten down the hatches, and hold
on if you can. It’s gonna be one helluva a ride down the muddy
a true captain, Joe Kent stuck to the number one golden rule on a
towboat-what happens on the boat stays on the boat-and applied that same
principle to any and all behind the scenes or inside information. He
did tell us that it was a great experience, and a lot of fun to work
with the directors and film crews that developed the show. “If I could
find deckhands that worked like that, it would all be smooth sailing. I
think the end result of their labor, and commitment will be a kick ass
show that will keep the audience tuning in for more each week. I can’t
wait to see it myself!”
timing of the show couldn’t be more perfect for Captain Joe either. He
has just finished writing a book of short stories about life on the
water entitled, ‘Towboat Joe’. The book will be hitting shelves from
Deadly Writes Publishing at about the same time the TV show airs. A
great addition to the book is a digital album with 15 songs that Captain
Joe has just released as a soundtrack for his new book. ‘Towboat Joe
(The Soundtrack)’ is a compilation of new and previously released
original songs by various artists including Towboat Joe and The Muddy
River Band.
Check out the book, Towboat Joe at:
Download the digital album, Towboat Joe (The Soundtrack) at:
appears to be nothing but blue skies, and fair tides for the
Mississippi River man on his latest literary and musical voyage. Tune in
to the History Channel on January 28th to see if the calm seas are
prevalent there as well or if the boat gets to rockin’. In the words of
Captain Joe Kent, “It’s all smooth sailing until the ship hits the sand,
but a calm sea never a skilled sailor made. Until then, earn your salt,
keep it in the ditch, and I will see you on the one whistle.”Capt. Joe-3
What others are saying:
a real-life towboat captain in Louisiana as well as a master
storyteller and emerging country singer and songwriter, and Captain Joe
Kent’s autobiographical debut Towboat Joe is fascinating, funny, at
times scary, and always irresistible. “The river is my life,” Kent
writes, and that life is unforgettably captured in these pages. The
captain’s current boat, the M/V Ron Hull, is 90 feet long and 47 feet
high. Towboats, he explains, push and don’t pull other boats, and only
operate in canals and rivers. Ron Hull thought so much of Capt. Joe’s
work that he invited him to christen the craft, a rare honor. Towboat
Joe introduces us to an unforgettable cast of characters, such as a
river know-it-all nicknamed Towboat Jesus, a dubious pilot known as
Patch the Pirate, a one-armed barber, and Joe’s remarkable wife Denise.
“I ain’t your damn deckhand,” she reminds him, and his adventures trying
to buy Denise a surprise gift from Victoria’s Secret provide one of the
book’s treasures. We are also treated to photographs of Capt. Joe’s
beloved boat, river, and ports of call, along with poems and country
song lyrics his life and absolutely unique experiences have inspired.
Towboat Joe concludes with real-world words of wisdom from his decades
of command, including “look in the mirror before pointing a finger,”
“build a crew that replaces itself,” and “keep an even keel.” So climb
aboard for a one-of-a-kind literary voyage, and enjoy every page of
Captain Joe Kent’s Towboat Joe.
– Phil Sweetland
Radio contributor, The New York Times
Publisher and editor, Country Insider, Nashville

fans have already known Captain Joe Kent as a fine traditional country
singer and sonwriter, but the beginning of 2015 finds him adding even
more areas of media to his bag of creative tricks: his first book, the
autobiographical Towboat Joe, by Deadly Writes Publishing. The book is a
rare glimpse inside the largely secret world of towboats and life on
the river in the 21st century. It’s fascinating, funny, always
irresistible, and at times downright frightening. As Captain Kent writes
of the Mississippi, “the river is my life,” and he captures that unique
life unforgettably in its pages.
-Nashville Music Guide
nothing of tug boats or towboats, my only inclination of matters of the
water was a short course in sailing, and Christopher Cross’s
mesmerizing tune of the same name. But Captain Joe’s book is the perfect
combination of story and music to glimpse into the incredible life of
musician and towboat man. Captain Joe’s tales, music, and poems are best
appreciated as his own true ongoing installments in the tale of his
true adventures-maybe a soon to be released serial on YouTube? Captain
Joe writes strong narratives that are drawn from an endless supply of
anecdotes that typically involve water, women, whiskey, and the
absurdities of life. This book is a marvel, unleashing the talent of a
towboat philosopher and a man dedicated to his craft. Absolutely loved
-Cher Valentino Editor, Our USA Magazine
Battle With The Bottle
Joe Kent writes like I think!
-Jimmy Miles, Southern Pride Band
(Joe Kent) The Waylon Jennings of Boat Trash!!
-Captain Billy Smith, Towboat Extraordinaire
heard these stories and never thought they could be true. Now you can
see them in a book. If it’s in a book it has to be true.

-Captain Bernie Pena, Towboat Extraordinaire and Jeopardy Champion

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