Milagro Saints – Chances & Circumstances

Milagro Saints –
Chances & Circumstances

 Chance & Circumstance

1.) Intro           
:28   2.)Free             3:45 3.) Morning Song   4:15 4.) Gonna
Rain Again 3:07 5.) Evangelyne            3:16 6.)These Things(About
You)   3:12 7.) Don’t Give It Up  7:11 8.)Pennsylvania Rose        
4:419.) Midnight Flame              3:44
 10.)Ghost     4:03 11.)Golden Day     3:29
12.) Other Side of the River  7:02          13.)Untitled            1:33

& Circumstances’
is the most recent CD released by Milagro Saints. It is being released by
Moon Caravan Records. Upon first listening to this Album, I was not very
impressed. It wasn’t until walking away from it that I could envision myself at
an outdoor music festival sitting on a blanket in a field on a warm springtime
afternoon. I realized the soft melodies were carrying me through the day. Many
days in my youth were spent at these types of shows. The most memorable being
the Almond Brothers shows in Florida. Just thinking of those shows or memories
of Greatful Dead shows made me realize I had to take another listen. I hadn’t
originally given it the justice it deserved

      The “Intro” gives the listener a prelude
of what’s to come, a very warm blues harp with a dash of tambourine. It gets
you into that mind-frame that lets you know this won’t be one of those albums
that you’ll be hearing on pop music top forty charts in the near future. I don’t
believe it ever was meant to be.

      “Free” really gets the album started. That
and “Morning Song” really get you into that feeling I was referring to in the beginning.
You really can imagine you are at an outdoor festival. The kind of music
festival you wind up camping out at. “Morning Song” really is a blend of folk
and funk. 

has a completely different feeling to it. This song and “Midnight Flame” almost
stand apart from the other songs. They have an eerie sound that makes you
almost picture the streetlamps and shadows that haunt the cities at night. The
kind where you are alone and hear animals digging or scurrying around, or weird
noises in dark alleyways that make the hair on your arms stand up.

      “These Things (About You)” is a much more
upbeat song. It is pushed along by either an accordion or harmonica “Don’t Give
It Up” keeps the album moving at this pace. The saxophone solos really
compliment it.

      “Pennsylvania Rose” is the most recognized
song by anyone who has listened to this CD. It is truly a beautiful song.
Lyrically speaking it is one of the best on the album. It is a great jam that’ll
get anyone singing along with it. The piano, the beat, the guitar; this is the
song that the band really unleashes its full power.

      “Ghost” is a much less recognized song,
but was the song that originally grabbed my full attention. It has a real
southern draw. It is the song that I wrote of in the beginning that I found
myself constantly thinking about all day. “Golden Day” brings a nice sense of
peace to the album. That same feeling is carried through to “The Other Side of
the River.” Just as its name sounds it is a somewhat mystical song. It has a
New Age feel to it. It mixes the science of space and time bending which
Einstein first spoke of, and the thoughts of what happens upon our death.

      The “Untitled” piece has a nice sound of
chimes and bells and is a fitting last song for the album. This CD seems to
grow on you the more you listen to it. It is a great addition to any
collection. This is not a band that will be going away any time soon. I almost
can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. 
Jeremy Frost

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