Micky And The Motorcars – Long Time Comin’

Micky And The Motorcars – Long Time Comin’

by Ritchie Ritchison for Country Music News International


Road to You

Rodeo Girl

Alone Again Tonight

Lions of Kandahar

All Looks the Same

Thank My Mother’s God

Break My Heart

Run Into You

Stranger Tonight

Hold This Town Together

Long Time Comin’


 Long Time Comin’ is the 7th studio release from the now Austin based Micky and the Motorcars. Originally from Idaho this Texas based quintet went into the studio with Keith Gattis and some very gifted studio musicians to create the best album of their career.


Not to say their other albums weren’t good but Micky and Gary Braun with the help of some talented co-writer friends have written some very tight, sharply crafted songs and then made a really strong record of those songs.


I have never considered this outfit particularly country, Americana, Folk Rock, or maybe Roots Rock which is one reason why I don’t like labels to begin with. However no matter what you call the genre, the music is excellent.

Micky and Gary both turn in fine lead vocal performances and the album as a whole is easy to listen to and has such a great feel from beginning to end that it makes for an incredible album to play while driving the highways of America or wherever you may be in the world.


Gattis provides a healthy variety of exotic instruments to the mix including bouzouki, electric sitar, baritone guitar and mandolin and John Henry Trinko provides a variety of keyboard sounds including hammond B-3 and Wurlitzer to add quite a bit of texture to these great tracks.


On the surface some of the song titles might sound a little dull and lackluster Road To You, Rodeo Girl, Break My Heart and Stranger Tonight have been written hundreds of times before and at first blush you would think that might be the case here. But Micky, Gary and Co take these familiar themes and dust them off giving them a new shine and feel that leaves the listener with a new way of looking at things.


Lions of Kandahar makes a bold statement about the devastation that war can have on returning soldiers and their struggles to cope with PTSD.

Hold This Town Together’s regretful reminiscence is further supported by some incredibly beautiful slide guitar work and is the perfect track to set you up for the album’s finale….the title track. Written by Gary and Bruce Robison the song is about the journey to achieve something great. It celebrates the ups and downs as well as the eventual happiness and contentment that comes from reaching your goal.

It is the perfect way to conclude an album that for Micky and the Motorcars fans was a Long Time Comin’


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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