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MICHAEL PINCOTT – My Boondooma Home


My Boondooma Home – The Love That I Can See
In Sally’s Eyes – The Blue Velvet Band – Don’t Say Good Bye If You Love
Me – Stock Camps Of The West – Up Where The Brighter Stars Shine – The
Lagoon – The Flying Doctor – Back To Those Rolling Plains – She Will
Always Bare The Scars – The Monto Yodeller – The Golden Trail – Special
Lady – Dry Weather – The Bushman’s Song – Old Homes By The Roadside –
Wonder Valley – Lovin’ Flames
Wow, 18 great songs from Australia, all on one CD, and
all of them originals.  Michael Pincott is the major songwriting
contributor and recording artist.  Add to that originals by Jack Pincott
and Pat Pincott, and I’ll bet we have the whole family involved. 
There’s even some originals by other Australian writers, including Slim
Dusty.  What’s particularly intriguing about this ‘original’ treasure is
the ‘life style story’ of Australia so very plainly written, for all of
us to understand.
 Michael reveals to us that Jack and Pat is his mum and
dad.  They add some terrific old-timey backing and harmony to his rural
and sincere voice.  This is a step back in time for me, and I suspect
it might be for Australia as well.  These are songs written from the
heart, about true experiences and true locations.  Really good lead
acoustic guitar throughout.
Nice photos of Mike’s farm.  Some absolutely delicious
looking corn growing as tall as Iowa’s, and the white gate leading into
the homestead.  What a nice place this would be to visit.  If Sheila
and I ever get the opportunity to take our Smithsonian “Traveling Museum
of Music” to Australia, this would be one of our number one stops.
Mike and his parents combine that good old-timey feel
to every song.  Mum sings a right proper song, and dad doesn’t do bad
either.  Think back to a step better than the Carter Family, if that is
possible.  Yes it is, here on this CD by Michael Pincott and his parents
is the proof.  This is one of those CD’s that makes you want to just
sit back and relax, maybe in a comfortable lawn chair, have a coffee or a
cup a’ tea, and just take it easy, just like the music wants you to.  
There’s a long list of excellent musicians
participating.  There’s an occasional very well played steel, fiddle,
and harmonica popping up now and then.  Excellent old-time.  Add to that
mandolin, banjo, keyboard, Dobro, bass, but not all playing on every
song.  That’s what makes the session interesting.  The mix is similar to
how Rick Andersen would do it at R&H Studios in Underwood, Iowa. 
He understands ‘rural’ music, and this is a good example of that.  I am
going to forward this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission for
traditional CD of the year.  Pack your bags MIchael, that may very well
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

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