Mary & Molly
San Antonio Rose – Crystal Chandeliers –
Pretty Words – I’ll Be There – Now And Then There’s A Fool Such As I –
If Teardrops Were Pennies – You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man –
You’re My Best Friend – Pick Me Up On Your Way Down – I Wonder Who’s
Holdin’ My Baby Tonight – I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You –
Love’s Gonna Live Here
Wow, great country and western music is back.  Mary and
Molly are respectively mom and daughter from western Nebraska where the
prairie still rolls and the western lifestyle is still a very real
experience.  Belgrade, where they live nearby, is a very small village. 
It’s still a ‘real’ village, still ‘real’ western, still ‘real’ music. 
Mary sings most of the leads with Molly providing that just right
family harmony to make the song theirs.  It’s a mutual admiration
society of two people that know exactly where they are going with their
voices.  I’m especially impressed by the backing musicians that gathered
in Wisner, Nebraska, to produce this album.  Curt Shoemaker is the
genius not just behind the steel guitar, but also as a co-producer
making sure the sounds they create together is the best they can get,
and it is obviously apparent that this is exactly what happened in this
exciting studio session.  Bass is always important to me, and Mitch
Benson made this an incredible listening experience as well as a
danceable project.  It’s really Curt’s steel that ‘shines’ throughout
the entire process, along with Billy Baxter who provided that just-right
electric guitar sound that made country and western music so much fun
to dance to, as well as listen to in the past, and here it is again,
alive and well.  Fiddle is also so very important, and so lamentably
missing in today’s country music.  Marvin Bredemeier did the honors on
this mandatory instrument so important to country music.  Marvin was
just with us at the Oak Tree Opry a few weeks back, and his ability on
country & western fiddle is monumental.  He has worked with the
greats, including being Hank Thompson’s regular fiddler, so it’s with
some degree of pride and pleasure we hear him alongside Curt Shoemaker
on steel making this project a definite number-one presentation of great
country and western music. This CD will definitely go to the Rural
Roots Music Commission.  If however they choose Mary and Molly for
“Traditional Country & Western” we might hold off the ceremony and
honor until we do our Fremont Festival so all who want to participate
can. That includes the rest of these great musicians, Ed Woodham on
drums, Linn Baxter on keyboard, and Dan Kane on rhythm guitar, all of
them exceptional.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer –

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