Maren Morris is leaving country music

You can take the girl out of country but you can’t take country out of the girl or can you?

A closer look into why Maren Morris is leaving country music

By Amber Otto for Country Music News International Magazine



Arlington Texas native Maren Morris has reported to several news sources within recent weeks that she will be exiting or at least distancing herself from country music. Maren Morris made a dynamic sweep onto the country music scene in 2016 with her single “My Church.” She quickly followed up with more hits in 2018 such as “80’s Mercedes,” “I could use a love song” and “Rich,” further solidifying the Texan’s place within the steel guitar and fiddle influenced genre. So with such a remarkable career going and all the amazing hits within it to back that up, why leave when the going is just getting good?

According to Morris she is doing so because of the genre’s involvement in culture wars. The singer stated that people who were misogynistic, racist, homophobic and transphobic had been empowered during the Donald Trump presidency, and this had resulted in a “hyper-masculine branch of country music”, which she called “butt rock” (Maren Morris opens up about decision to leave ‘toxic’ country music scene ( Because of behaviors like these and what Morris describes as the “toxic arms” of country music has ultimately lead her to making this decision. She furthered, “I couldn’t do this circus anymore – feeling like l have to absorb and explain people’s bad behaviors and laugh it off. I just couldn’t do that after 2020 particularly. I’ve changed. A lot of things changed about me that year” (Maren Morris opens up about decision to leave ‘toxic’ country music scene (

While it’s taken several instances such as her feud with the Aldean’s over their homophobic statements made just last year, or fans and music critics simply deeming her as “not country,” it has come to a head for Maren that taking a side step from the scene is not only good for her own health, but who she is morally as an artist and first and foremost as a person. Though she has asked for her music not to be considered at any country award music shows, she still does plan on keeping her family in Nashville. The singer stated, “I love living in Nashville, I have my family. There’s a reason why people come there from L.A. and New York to write with us. It’s because we have amazing songwriters there. That’s not gonna change” (Maren Morris opens up about decision to leave ‘toxic’ country music scene (

Though Morris may not be fully exiting the country genre and it being more appropriately stated that she’s taking a back seat to it, one can’t help but take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on the songs that Morris and her talented team brought to the scene. As previously mentioned, “My Church” when first hearing it, a listener’s attention is easily grabbed by Maren’s stout vocals ringing out “I’ve cussed on a Sunday.” It’s not just in the way she sings it but what she says with all of her transparency. I’m sure we have all been down that road and can definitely relate with being less than saint like in our thoughts or actions on the holiest day of the week. She continues in the song to get listeners envisioning how being in their car with the windows down and the music full blast (particularly with country greats singing to their hearts content) is not only some of the best medicine but is a way to worship or “go to church” without actually being there. Or how about the unforgettable “Girl” single? The anthem that gave so many females that were just plain “going through it” or feeling less than their worth, empowerment and a voice. This song more than likely helped many women to realize that yes, we’re human and what we go through being women on a day to day is at times less than great, but all will come out in the wash eventually. And the ultimate couple’s song “Bones.” Lyrically comparing the foundation of a relationship/s to a house and how there will be all sorts of elements coming after it to break it down (paint peeling, glass shattering or raining wearing it down over time), but as long as the foundation is strong nothing can or will every tear it down. Without a doubt, songs like these and more have earned Morris the title of not just being a lyrical creative, but an unforgettable vocalist within the genre with the way she leaves no note unbelted or emotion unfelt when singing her truth.

Country may not be her favorite suite at the moment, but Morris plans to continue on with her music but focusing more on “doing her own thing” and encouraging those who want to follow what she does next to come along if they so choose to. The singer besides being a staple within the country scene is also known for her hints of pop, r&b and hip-hop and collaborating with other artist from various musical backgrounds such as Grey and Zedd. At this point in time the world is Maren’s oyster and with such a broad background with the types of music she crosses over to and dances with, there’s no telling where her musical journey may lead her next. But to keep up with her next steps in music, check out her website  Maren Morris | Official Website and also take a listen to her latest singles “The Tree” and “Get the Hell out of Here” from her latest album “The Bridge” that signifies her step back from country music and into wherever her path may lead her next.



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