Maren Morris – Girl

CD Review: Maren Morris – Girl

by Dyah Ikhsanti for Country Music News International

Artist: Maren Morris

Album: GIRL

Released: Marc 8, 2019

Song List:

  1. GIRL 4:11
  2. The Feels 3:08
  3. All My Favorite People (feat. Brothers Osborne) 3:20
  4. A Song for Everything 3:14
  5. Common (feat. Brandi Carlile) 4:05
  6. Flavor 3:16
  7. Make Out with Me 2:17
  8. Gold Love 3:23
  9. Great Ones 3:42
  10. RSVP 3:34
  11. To Hell & Back 3:16
  12. The Bones 3:17
  13. Good Woman 3:31
  14. Shade 2:51
  15. Just for Now 4:01
  16. Takes Two 3:33


Even though this album was released in 2019, GIRL is still an interesting topic to discuss. Maren Morris has been successful to accomplish number on Billboard. The Bones from her latest album sat on Billboard 200 for 10 weeks.

She made Country ear-friendly for anyone, including the young listeners. When I went through the songs of this album, I found each song felt familiar and new at the same time. She served variety of vibes, from up tempo happy songs to the chill ballad one.

Below I picked several songs that represent the vibes that you will find in this album. Of course, these songs will make you fall in love even more with Maren and her GIRL.


A song with girls’ power vibe that you can use to fuel your energy every morning. As suggested by the title, this song is about empowering girls to do what they are capable of and be swayed by the society judgment about women.

Right at the start, you will be welcomed by guitar strums that really sets the mood. Then, Maren’s vocal that sounds assertive about her message. With rock element, this song is not only ear catchy, but also energizing.

Clearly you do not have to be a country music fan to enjoy this song. The melody and music arrangement remind you to evergreen rock song from the 90’s, or at least that’s how I felt. Maren’s vocal itself does not sound to heavy, and easy to listen to.

The Feels

“More country” that what can I say if I must compare GIRL with this song. The Feels is a light-hearted song with more guitar rhythm at the back. The chorus part is also catchy and inviting. It makes you want to sing along or bob your head to the beats.

This is a song that will take you off from that fatigue of the day, just like a country song should do. It is a love song with straightforward lyrics. It is clear that Maren Morris put this song in this album so we can just enjoy the song and have fun with it.

All My Favorite People (feat. Brothers Osborne)

This track sounds really nice to sing with friends.  Honestly, All My Favorite People is my favorite one.

This song brings the fun in you, moreover if you are together with your friends. Brothers Osborne did add flavor to this song with the vocal. Even though the melody is repetitive, you will not get bored because they sang the verses in various ways. Some energetically and on the bridge part, the music drop only to be up even more.

Finally, you can appreciate the guitar near ending of the song. It brings you the fun of the song, I like how the song ends perfectly satisfying.

To Hell & Back

After being up and high with cheerful songs like the three above, let us move on to calmer mood with The Hell & Back.

If you are new to country, GIRL and To Hell & Back can be your bridge to this genre. This song is easy to listen to and the lyrics tell a story just like typical country song. Even though it serves calm mood, the song is not too slow, so it does not sound tedious.

I recommend you to spend a chill afternoon with this song as the background music.

The Bones

Everyone needs to listen to both versions of this songs. In this album you will find the solo version, while there is also single where Morris had a duet with Hozier.

The Bones is not an up-tempo song, but it makes you sway your body unconsciously. I can imagine someone covers this song with guitar only. The melody and the song structure make this song sounds attractive even without many instruments.

If we look into the story of the song, this song has an uplifting message. It suggests that no matter hard the situation is, if you stay strong then everything will be fine.

Good Woman

Good Woman sounds almost like a lullaby.  It is not only because of the slow tempo, but also the lyrics sound like a message to a daughter. Which is sweet and moving.

Honestly, the orchestra helps this song to be easier to listen. Without it, the melody of the song sounds repetitive.

If you already listened to this album, let me know which one is your favorite. With her success in music scene, Maren Morris can be a bridge for people on the other parts of the world to start listening to country music.

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