Marcel Elisen Interview

Elisen Interview
Marcel Elisen was born on the 01th of
January in 1968. His career started in the early 80’s as a Elvis Presley
impersonator. In the mid of 1980, he renounced his Elvis suits and in 1985 he
released his first single, “Rock Me.” In the late 80’s, Marcel was in
the supporting program at concerts of famous Dutch artists, like Lee Towers,
René Froger, Gerard Joling, Piet Veerman, Rob de Nijs and others. His
television debut was in 1993 in “The Henny Huisman Sound Mix Show” on
RTL4, when he performed the song “Jacky” by Scott Walker. Later that
year, Marcel went to Memphis Tennessee for a 10 day mini-tour. There he
performed every night with “The Silver Eagle Band” in
“Hernando’s Hideaway”. In 2003 Marcel puts his singing career on the
backburner and decides to devote more time to painting, another passion of him. You
can find it on   
At the end of 2010, Marcel Elisen decided
to make music again. He recorded a Christmas album – “Merry Christmas”,
followed by a country album – „Rock and Roll sings Country.” Marcel’s
repertoire is a mix of Rock and Roll, Country and Golden Oldies. In 2012 Marcel
had 8 shows in Memphis Tennessee and when he returned to the Netherlands, he recorded
29 Elvis Presley songs for a double CD called “Memphis Memories”.
Later that year he recorded another album with Dean Martin songs, called
“The King of Cool”.



In May 2013 Marcel returned to the USA again,
to do shows in Tennessee and North Carolina. He appeared for the first time in two
American newspapers with a picture and a interview. He released his album
“Rock and Roll Cowboy” and a few months later, Marcel was back again
in the US, to do a few more shows in North- and South Carolina. The Kings
Mountain Police Department represented by the Chief of Police, hand of a
special coin to him, for Excellence. When he returned home, he wrote the
song “Kings Mountain”. In the fall of 2013 he was back in the studio,
recording the album “Slowly towards Fifty”. This album is a
joint project of Marcel and his friend Ron Verpoorten.


In June and July 2014, Marcel will be back
in the US, to do more shows for his quickly growing fan base in North Carolina.
In 2014 there are two CD releases are planned; the album “Slowly towards Fifty”
and a gospel CD. For 2015 a double Cd album is planning, to celebrate Marcel
Elisen´s 30 years, as a recording artist. Take a look at

Music has many new fans throughout Europe,
they may hear about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and
the music you make, to someone who has never seen, or heard about you?
My name is Marcel Elisen, born and still
living in the Netherlands (Europe)
I am a singer, who sometimes writes and
records lyrics of his own, but mostly I sing songs from other artists. Like
Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Dean Martin, Alan
Jackson and many others. My repertoire is a mix of Rock and Roll, Country and
Golden Oldies.
How much creative control do you have
about your music?
I have 100% creative control about my
music at all times. This keeps me away from the bigger labels but I like to
decide myself which song I am going to record and what the Cd will look like in
the end. I select my own photographers and record every single album in the
studio of my dear friend Ron, R.V. Studio. I like to be independent; it’s
passion, not work. So the ‘control’ is covered..Lol.
Who inspires you in music and how deep are
your musical roots?
I like all kinds of music from the 50’s
and up, but my personal idol was and is Elvis Presley. He influenced me with my
love for colorful clothes and jewelry. Even my style & sound of singing is
partly based on his. I don’t hear it myself by the way, but many people mention
it to me. I’m no imitator and no impersonator, just a sincere fan.
As an artist, you have so many tasks such
as recording, touring, interviews. What do you like most, what is your favorite
There are two things I like & love the
most and that’s recording and performing.
Before you became a star, did your friends
and family support you or was it a never ending struggle?
It’s always a struggle to get somewhere, but
easy come, easy go, right? I had a very supportive mum and supporting
grandparents and friends. Even my dad thought it was fun until performing got
in the way of my daily job back then. For the past 11 years I am making a
living as a singer and a painter (on canvas) and enjoyed every adventure so
far. I have a wife, who supports me all the way and I can be creative as I
please, I’m a rich man.
What is the motor that keeps you going?
I could give the short answer; passion for
music and people. It’s a combination of singing songs you really like,
performing, talking and listening to fans. Have a satisfied feeling after doing
a recording take in the studio. The things along the way, make new friends,
visiting the States twice a year to meet up and sing. No lack of motivation
Any thought of retirement ahead?
Sometimes I think I’ll stop recording and
performing after reaching the age of 50, almost 4 years from now. Return to
making paintings full time ……………..time will tell.
When you get time off, how do you like to
I like to watch movies and listen to
music. I like cooking and spending time with our 3 dogs. I have a fan
group on Facebook called; I am a Marcel Elisen fan, and this takes a ‘few’
hours a week as well. But when people comment or place/share a music video of
you, the least thing you can do is like/or respond. It’s an honor.
When you are on tour, do you have time to
behave as a tourist?
I’ll be touring & performing in North
Carolina for 8 weeks in June & July. Mostly in the Charlotte,
Matthews, Gastonia, Kings Mountain area. The singing is for 90% in the late
afternoon or evening. So during the day I have time to ‘play the tourist’. But
this time my schedule also includes shooting material for 2 or 3 music video
clips, and some kind of festivity concerning my Cd single” Kings Mountain”, for
which I will probably meet the mayor of Kings Mountain.
What was the most enjoyable compliment, a
fan has ever given to you?
“Only one other person could make the hair
on my arms stand up, and that was Elvis Presley, Thanks for bringing it back”
Most careers don’t last as long as
yours.  What gives you the power of endurance?
Next year in 2015, I’ll celebrate my 30th anniversary
as a singer, 1985 – 2015. It took a while to get picked up and get my name out
there somehow, but it’s all based on doing what I like to do. It never chanced
in 30 years, still a guy recording songs he personally likes. The power of
endurance in my case is love for music, and for me that’s not a hard job.
What kind of hopes and desires do you
Hope to grow old with my wife in good
health of body and mind, and knowing that I learn every day. I want to stay
open for improvement on a daily basis to stay & become a better man. Desires
I have none, I have a watch, I have a car, a ring, a house, a wife I love and
trust. Food in the fridge and friends and family that I love. I have everything
that really matters and more.
Who is your castigator/ slasher/
hypercritic, you or somebody else?
I’m a perfectionist when it comes to
performing or recording, so I’m a self critic in the first place. Beside myself
I listen to the advice of only two people; Ron from R.V. Studio and my wife. Ron,
a singer as well, knows what is off-key; he has a very fine tuned feeling when
it comes to sound. My wife has a real good “feeling” when she hears a take for
the first time. That’s the way I come to final studio takes.

Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News

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