Magnolia Drive – Timeless

CD Review: Magnolia Drive – Timeless

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Lonely Side of Goodbye
  2. The Girl on Sugar Pie Lane
  3. Going Back In Time
  4. Your Tender Love And Care
  5. I Will Always Be With You
  6. I Won’t Call You
  7. It’s Me Again Lord
  8. Mountain Rose
  9. Sweet Country Girl
  10. Going Home
  11. Walk The Way You Talk


Popular country outfit Magnolia Drive have recorded and released their latest album titled ‘Timeless’. This record is sure the stand the test of time and has already raised many eyebrows across the country music world. This album was recorded at Mountain Fever Records and contains elements which whisk the audience away to a bygone era reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s. These eras witnessed the rise of many country musicians, not only in the U.S, but around the world. Without further ado, here’s a look at some of the most notable recordings on the eleven-track album.

The first song ‘Lonely Side of Goodbye’ sets the tone for a message heavily influenced by love, longing, and loyalty towards somebody special. The song begins with a banjo and bass which provides a steady rhythm before the vocals enter for the first verse. The two-part harmony is sure to raise the hairs on the backs of music lovers’ necks and the fiddle section in the middle-eight is simply irresistible.

‘The Girl on Sugar Pie Lane’ is the second track to appear on the album and this song starts in similar fashion to the first track. An intro consisting of a banjo is soon followed by a bass, fiddle, and vocals with two-part harmony in the chorus. This track is sure to have resonance with anybody who can relate to having a childhood sweetheart who is with them no matter where they go.

The following track ‘Going Back In Time’ typifies everything this album does in the sense that it returns to the glory era of country and western music. The instrumentation is the same as the first two tracks as well as the inclusion of an enchanting two-part harmony which depicts an image of riding down the wide-open country roads.

‘Your Tender Love And Care’ starts slightly differently with a small rhythmic section combined with vocals singing in unison to create quite a warm an intimate tone. Lyrics such as ‘’Days go by so slowly when you’re not with me’’ typifies the message in the song. The lyrics and music combine to ultimately immerse the audience into a message of love and hope from the very first note until it reaches its conclusion.

Other songs on the album include ‘It’s Me Again Lord’ and its opening line is ‘’Troubles come, and I can’t find an answer / Lonely nights I spend in agony’’ is a sobering line which reminds its audience that people are not so different after all as they look for strength and unity in times of hardship and adversity. The lyrics are backed by the same instrumentation as well as the use of a soaring two-part harmony in the choruses to emphasize the message behind the music.

‘Sweet Country Girl’ starts with a fiddle and rhythmic section before the lyrics enter for the first verse. The music is upbeat as there is a slight increase in tempo and the lyrics are uplifting, offering a glimmer of hope and optimism as the message of love, hope, strength, and unity is reinforced.

The final track on the album is ‘Walk The Way You Talk’ and it closes the record in typical country fashion by touching on key topics associated with the genre such as Jesus, love, and an overwhelming sense of unity that binds people together at tough times. This album is a new release and is well-worth downloading and adding to that ever-growing diversified playlist to spice things up a little.

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