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Iowa…..”LuLu Roman was one of the most popular female stars on the
show that replaced the Smothers Brothers.  ‘Hee Haw’ became one of
America’s best tongue in cheek television shows….ever, and is still in
re-runs on RFD-TV.  You might not recognize LuLu Roman today.”  says
Bob Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music
Association. “She has lost over 200 pounds, and has shifted her entire
life-focus toward Gospel music.  As a matter of fact, her latest release
“At Last” features this woman’s incredibly beautiful voice, teamed up
with, no less than Dolly Parton.  They sing a very moving song “I Will
Love you Always.”  Not just Dolly either, T. Graham Brown and Georgette
Jones (George’s daughter) also helped on this project.  To date, LuLu
has released over 20 albums, all of them devoted to gospel music and
Christ’s teachings. She is the recipient of a Dove award, and she is
also a member of the Country Gospel Music and Christian Music Halls of
Fame. The TV-Land network also awarded Lulu with their prestigious
‘Entertainer’s Award.’  It is with a great deal of humility and honor
that we announce that Lulu Roman will be inducted into America’s
Country Music Hall of Fame this year.”
     A native of Dallas, Texas, LuLu was born Bertha Louise
Hable.  Her unwed mother was ill and could not raise her.  The little
girl was sent to live with her great-grandmother who wasn’t physically
able to raise her either, so the family placed her in an orphanage
shortly after birth.  She was born with a thyroid dysfunction, and it
would be in the orphans home that she first endured the pain of being
unaccepted because of her weight.
     LuLu managed to get through high school, and worked
for a time as a telephone operator, but an opportunity to become a go-go
dancer challenged her, and this was when she became known as LuLu
Roman, as well as developing her comedy act.  She was one of the
original cast members of Hee Haw.  According to LuLu, she recalls that
“Whenever Buck Owens and his band would come to town, I and some of my
girlfriends would go see the show.  We became good friends with Buck,
and he’d say to me….”One of these days, you’re going to be a big star,
and I’m going to have something to do with that.” When they made a list
of characters they wanted on Hee Haw, thy had listed “One fat dumb boy
and one fat dumb girl.’  Buck said, “I’ve got your girl. She’s in
Dallas,’ and they took his word for it.”
     Most people know LuLu as the most requested female
cast member of the long running hit television series, and many know her
as an accomplished and celebrated songwriter, and as the singer who has
been successfully making records for over 20 years.  What some people
might not know, is that during the first couple seasons of Hee Haw,
LuLu’s life off-camera was dramatically different from what the public
saw on Hee Haw.  She was involved in drugs and this habit eventually led
to her arrest.  She lost her position in the cast, but after she became
a Christian and turned her personal life around, she was allowed to
re-join the show, and remained a part of it through the remainder of its
run.  LuLu’s search for happiness and acceptance, which had almost led
her to her personal destruction, instead led her to God.  Her strong
faith, combined with positive changes in her life, eventually resulted
in a full pardon from the Governor of Texas, and the ultimate
reinstatement on Hee Haw.
     Today, LuLu performs on the gospel circuit.  She has
two grown sons, Damon and Justin.  Even though you might not recognize
this 200 pound lighter woman, you will definitely recognize her
beautiful gospel voice.  LuLu continues to perform music and stand-up
comedy, and she also enjoys working with Compassion International, a
child-development organization that serves 1.2 million children in 26
countries.  “I was born in a home for unwed mothers and dumped in an
orphanage,” LuLu said, “I got a pretty good grip on what these kids are

     LuLu Roman will be inducted into America’s Country
Music Hall of Fame on August 29th at the annual gathering of the
National Traditional Country Music Association.  According to Bob
Everhart, president of the NTCMA, “Lulu will be inducted on our main
stage at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds in LeMars, Iowa, where we hold
our annual convention-festival.  This is all part of the Pioneer Ag
Expo, and I represent right at 2,500 members of the NTCMA, mostly rural
folks, small town people, and regional everyday individuals that have
over the years truly enjoyed LuLu Roman’s appearances on Hee Haw.  We
just inducted Patti Page, legendary singer of songs like the “Tennessee
Waltz” just before she passed away.  Over the years (since 1976) we have
been inducting deserving entertainers.  It is with a great deal of
pride that we announce that LuLu Roman will not only be inducted into
this upper Midwest country music hall of fame, she will also receive the
Rural Roots Music Commission’s highest honor, their “Contemporary
Country Gospel CD of the Year” award.  We’re so proud of her
accomplishments, against incredible odds, and her vocal renditions of
gospel songs is just unbelievable.  We have ten stages of music from 9am
to midnight every day for seven days (Aug 26-Sept 1), and we’ll have
LuLu on the main stage for the Hall of Fame ceremonies.  However one of
our other stages is a ‘strictly gospel’ stage, which we call our “Jesus
Christ Church Without Walls” and hopefully LuLu will join our country
pickers and players for some good old-time gospel music there.  We have
lots of workshops and contests for those just starting in country,
bluegrass, and folk music, and we even have a large Tipi Vilalge located
in an old pioneer ghost town adjacent to our staging areas.  We have a
website that explains a lot about what we do located at www.ntcma.net
and that also explains a lot about why we are so concerned about the
music which originally emanated from rural America.  LuLu’s photo and
memorabilia will be on display at the Pioneer Music Museum which is
located in Anita, Iowa, once the ceremonies are completed.

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