Luke Bryan Born Here Live Here Die Here

Luke Bryan Born Here Live Here Die Here

by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International

How it all began?

Luke Bryan was raised as the youngest of the three kids in a farmer’s family, his father was into the peanut business and his mother was a housewife. He grew up in a small knit family and he calls his small-town living magical where every individual knew about the other very well. Even though he was in love with the life he was living he still wanted to have a music career of his own.

What stopped him?

Soon he was planning to move to Tennessee for a musical career of his own but just then tragedy hit the family. Luke’s brother met with a tragic car accident and the family completely lost hope and courage. His plans to move to Nashville got postponed and he kind of never really got out of the shock that came along with the tragedy. When his father saw how caught 19-year-old Bryan felt with his life, he loaded him in the truck and kind of dropped him in Nashville in the literal sense of the word. Anew he soon was creating songs for music rows and sang by the night in local restaurants and cafes. But the next thing he knew he had signed a contract with Capitol Records and then his journey on the path of success began.

His success stories…

I’ll stay me.

Doin’ my Thing

Tailgates and Tanlines

Crash my party

Kill the lights

What makes you country

All these albums came one after the other and sang the songs of Luke’s success in a row. But then, just when he was climbing the stairs, he came across another tragedy- the loss of his sister and then the loss of his sister’s husband simultaneously.

Gaining more insight about life….

All of a sudden, he was fathering his sister’s three teenage kids and that changed a lot about his life. Meanings, and dreams, want and desires went through a lot of roll drum but then with the richness of his experiences he grew into one of those singers you can never miss and their words strike a chord with your heart which stays on and on. Bryan has his own share of recognitions and awards which have flocked him everywhere. With a truck loaded with awards, he definitely came to become one like no other. Journeying his way through his life has made him a phenomenal star. For Bryan, his beginning began when he was gifted a guitar by his parents, at the age of 14. With his brother gone, he worked as a farmer by the day and as a local singer by the night. He has earned the writing credits for some of the top musicians of country music. He performed at Grand Ole Opry in 2007 for the first time and in 10 years, he performed at the Opry’s City Stage in New York City’s Time Square. When Bryan is not touring or recording new music, he would be investing his time with St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital and Make a Wish Foundation and he also raises funds with the YMCA sisters and brothers of his hometown.


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  1. Oh my goodness me. I’ve just read the story about my darling Luke Bryan’s life this morning, and now I’m in tears after reading it. I just love him so so much for ever and ever more, from his biggest fan.

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