Lockeland – Til The Cows Come Home

CD Review: Lockeland – Til The Cows Come Home

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

It is now two years since ‘Til’ The Cows Come Home’ was released by the trio known as Lockeland on March 8, 2019. It is fair to say the country pop tune is just as catchy, pleasant, and heart-warming as it was when it was initially released two and a half years ago. Packed with energy, three-part harmony, and hard-hitting fills piecing each section of the track together along with a contagious guitar riff and chorus that will simply be stuck in the back of your mind throughout the rest of the day.  The song simply warms up the heart strings, gets the feet tapping, and is just the ticket to help us through the fast approaching bitterly cold winter months.

The song is about falling deeply in love with someone and even has reference to Tom Petty’s ‘Freefallin’ with lyrics along the lines of ‘’I may not be Tom Petty, but I’m freefalling to you//I wanna love you like you never know, ‘til the cows come home’’ The song has a bridge and it is here where we see the drums drift between a common and cut common metre before a power packed fill leads the song back into the chorus before the reaches its conclusion. In an interview with The Nashville Music Guide, frontman Kyndon Oakes was asked about where the song title came from and he said ‘’Well, I’m a good ole Kansas boy, and there are plenty of cows in Kansas! You can’t drive through Kansas and not see a cow’’

The band who found themselves in Nashville and made it their own are well on their way to establishing themselves on the contemporary country scene and are sure to be around for some time. Their music is influenced by a range of musical genres from punk, classic, and hard rock, as they admittedly hadn’t really been exposed to very much country music before making their way down to Nashville and surrounding areas. You can see the music video here.

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