LIKE ELEPHANTS overshoot with their second album “Kaleidoscope” and the single “Tokyo”

New single, new video, new album, new tour:

LIKE ELEPHANTS overshoot with their second album “Kaleidoscope” and the single “Tokyo” – we may be curious what comes up during the next weeks…

two years ago, LIKE ELEPHANTS made a name for themselves with their
debut album “Oneironaut” with dreamy-melancholic dream-pop. On September
14th, their second longplayer “KALEIDOSCOPE” will be released on the
Viennese label LasVegas Records.

their new work, LIKE ELEPHANTS deals with principles and contradictions
of human life: euphoria and melancholy, joy and sorrow, optimism and
uncertainty. Opposites, as they could not be more different, but in the
second album of the Austrian dream-pop band LIKE ELEPHANTS unite like
Ying and Yang.

look through a kaleidoscope helps the everyday to absolute beauty with
the help of a simple physical phenomenon, and each moment can be viewed
from different angles and colors. Nobody can escape this impression and
it will last a lifetime. This view and the play with different emotional
worlds lie over the entire – twelve pieces long lasting – new LIKE
ELEPHANTS work like a never-ending arc of suspense. For example, in the
song “Celebrate” the life of a dead companion is sung and celebrated,
“Live in the Moment” exudes euphoria and invites you to dance, while
questioning the longevity of this happiness. Vibrant melodies and
melancholy introspective singing meet, relativize each other, rub
against each other and raise questions. At first sight irreconcilable
opposites, or just a game with perspectives?




FR 28.09.2018 – Wien, Waves Vienna (AT)

FR 16.11.2018 – Wien, B72 (AT)

SA 23.11.2018 – Grieskirchen, Einfach So Festival (AT)

SA 24.11.2018 – Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (AT)

SO 02.12.2018 – Passau, Zeughaus (DE)

FR 07.12.2018 – München – Heppel und Ettlich (DE)

DI 11.12.2018 – Jena – Cafe Wagner (DE)

MI 12.12.2018 – Hamburg – Astra Stube (DE)

DO 13.12.2018 – Leipzig – Ilses Erika (DE)

FR 14.12.2018 – Berlin – Rosi’s (DE)

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