Cast of Larry’s Country Diner celebrates 100 episodes!
L– R: Larry Black, Keith Bilbrey, Jimmy Capps, Church Lady-Nadine, Renae the Waitress

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Lip-Smackin’, Toe-Tappin’ Spontaneous Good Times at
One of RFD’s Top-Rated Shows

Nashville, TN (July 6, 2012) – There may only be eighteen tables at “Larry’s Country Diner,” but it serves 1.4 million people each and every month as one of the top-rated shows on the RFD-TV
network. The diner is not your ordinary restaurant, but rather a unique
down-home variety show that in just over two short years has become a
favorite “eatery” of country fans everywhere. Cornbread and black-eyed
peas only complement the heapin’ helpin’ of country music performances
served up by the stars of yesterday and today.  Larry’s Country Diner
celebrates its 100th episode and continues to fans and garner
national attention (with an upcoming article in TV Guide, and– proving that America is “hungry” for
this type of programming.  PFI (America’s Western Store), Crosley Radio (vintage-style radio and jukebox manufacturer) and Col. Littleton (purveyor of fine accouterments in the American Tradition) are on-going sponsors of the show. For more information on “Larry’s Country Diner,” please visit  

A new episode of “Larry’s Country Diner” will air each week in June on the RFD-TV network.  June’s menu of stars is a “tasty” classic line up for country music fans:  

Week of:
July 5: James Gregory (Episode 100)—Tune in for this special broadcast!
July 12: Georgette Jones
June 19: The Whites
July 26: Teea Goans
All Schedules Subject to Change without Notice

Air times for “Larry’s Country Diner” are Thursday night at 7 PM CT / 8 PM ET, Friday morning at 9 AM CT / 10 AM ET, or Saturday evening at 10 PM CT / 11 PM ET.

Taped bi-monthly in front of a live studio/diner audience at NorthStar Studios (3201 Dickerson Pike, Nashville), the show’s spontaneity is part of the mystique of “Larry’s Country Diner” which
contributes greatly to its success.  “The prevailing attitude at the
diner is ‘…the cameras are always rollin’… and we don’t care,’” explains
Larry Black, host and creator of “Larry’s Country Diner.”  

The fact that plates are dropped or broken during a
performance, a rack of knives and forks are dumped on the floor or that
some of the lights go out while they were filming makes the show all
that more exciting in a day where even reality shows are produced within
strict script guidelines.  “It’s the kind of television you just don’t
see too much anymore and both the artists and fans love it,” states
Black who adds, “We even tell our artists that once the tape starts
rolling, it does not stop.  If you get yourself in trouble, get yourself
out ‘cause we’re not stoppin’.”

Because of its popularity, getting a seat to see a
live taping might prove more difficult than getting a reservation at one
of L.A.’s most trendy posh restaurants—the first available table is not
available until 2013, so you’ll want to plan way in advance.  For
reservations, please call 615-673-2846 or email

Larry’s Country Diner is a unique down-home variety show which
integrates entertainment, interviews and music in a weekly format, taped
LIVE in front of a studio audience in a country diner setting.  The
show features regular characters including Black, Keith Bilbrey, Sheriff Jimmy Capps, waitress Renae and avid church lady Nadine, along with special guest appearances by country music artists of yesterday and today.  Since its initial airing on August 3, 2009, Larry’s Country Diner has produced nearly 100 episodes and has become one of the most popular shows on RFD-TV, garnering 1.4 million viewers monthly.  For more information, please visit

Larry’s Country Diner is another product of Gabriel Communications, started in 1996. Owned and operated by long-time disc jockey, Larry Black,
the company specializes in “Reunion Videos.” The success of this series
spurred the creation of more than a dozen more projects featuring
hundreds of songs and stories as well as Country’s Family Reunion News,
a monthly newspaper which highlights the music of yesteryear.  For more
information on Country Family Reunion products, please visit:

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