Kip Moore – Wild World

CD Review: Kip Moore – Wild World

by Larry Alderman for Country Music News International

  1. Janie Blu
  2. Southpaw
  3. Fire And Flame
  4. Wild World
  5. Red White Blue Jean American Dream
  6. She’s Mine
  7. Hey Old Lover
  8. Grow On You
  9. More Than Enough
  10. Sweet Virginia
  11. South
  12. Crazy For You Tonight
  13. Payin’ Hard
  14. Don’t Go Changing
  15. Midnight Slow Dance
  16. How High
  17. Man’s Gotta Do

This album rocks and with twelve charted records to his credit already, and Something Bout a Truck under his belt. He rolls out some great new music. Kip rolled out of Tifton Georgia with his bluesy voice and delivery of a song. Southpaw, on the new album, makes us wanna dig out our toy pistols and holsters and Toy Story cowboy hat and ride the wind with Bullseye and tame the old west. The line “my single action piece, out for all the honest folk to see” is as outlaw and cowboy as it gets. Should have been a cowboy!

She’s Mine, is a well written often used idea, of if you see her out somewhere, Don’t Blame Her, life made her that way, (and me). She might be in a café in a lonely city, wherever she is, tell her She’s Mine.

Wild World, the song and track, gives us wild ride into R&B, pop music that is sure to sell on the current market and in the live arena shows! Yes, Kip, it is a Wild World.

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