Sept 13, 2012

Virginia native and recording artist Gregorie Venning has a lot to talk about these days. His first ever released single “Kick The Can Down The Road”
has climbed to #93 on the national Inspirational Country
Chart.  Venning is a prolific songwriter having written every song on
his album.  He has lived the experiences that he writes about.  Recorded
in Nashville, TN, it has a list of some of the best musicians in the
industry accompanying him on the recording.    You will be hearing more
about this artist as his single continues climbing up the chart.  The
title makes you want to listen to the song.  Gregorie has a unique and
different sound and approach to his singing and writing.

title invites you to listen to the song due to its powerful relevance
to our country’s current political and moral struggles. These songs are
based on Gregorie’s struggles as a former outlaw, prisoner and fugitive.
His jail songs are real…not fictional. After cheating death many
times he finally surrendered and found freedom. These songs are his gift
to others, so that they may avoid his pitfalls and find peace and
freedom. It is his hope and desire that you will listen to these
excitingly new positive country songs that are unlike anything Nashville
has heard in many years. They might just rock you, move you, and change
your life.

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