Kenny Chesney Releases Life On A Rock April 30

Kenny Chesney Releases Life On A Rock April 30

For Kenny Chesney, It’s All About Life On A Rock

Luttrell, Tennessean Wrote 8 of 10 Songs for the 4/30 Release

Nashville, TN: With “Pirate Flag” beaming out at the stroke of
midnight, Kenny Chesney figured the time was right to release the title
of his much anticipated April 30 Blue Chair/Columbia release. Life On A
Rock, co-produced with longtime collaborator Buddy Cannon, captures the
thematic core of the 10 song set that’s been recorded and mixed in Los
Angeles, Hawaii, Jamaica, Key West, London and Nashville, Tennessee.

“It all depends on what kind of rock you’re looking at,” Chesney says
of the title. “Just living here on this planet, we’re all living life
on a rock; but for me, and for this record, it’s about the way life is
when you live on an island. Everywhere you go, there’s everyone you
know; you know everything about them, and they know everything about
you… and well, that’s just a whole other way to be.

“And coming from Luttrell, Tennessee, I can tell you, ‘life on a
rock’ isn’t all that different from life in a real small town. It’s
slower, it’s easier, it’s more invested and it’s also more about really
enjoying the moments as they are, when they are.”

While the driving “Pirate Flag,” an anthem of rebelling against the
day-in, day-out, has already been singled out by USA Today as their Song
of the Week atop their Grammy-based Listen Up! column, Life On A Rock
is a varied platter of music, ranging from introspective ballads to
staccato shuffles, a duet with Willie Nelson and a bit of reggae. It
also celebrates a way of life most people live without ever realizing.

“At the end of the day, what defines life for most people, certainly
for me, are the people you share it with,” Chesney explains. “When you
live in close proximity, you share the highs and lows of every day life
and become close in ways you can’t even explain. Years go by… People
move on… But that time, those friends remain with you no matter where
you go. That’s where the treasures of being alive are found.

“When I first went to the islands, I met a lot of people who were
making a life beyond anything any of them knew… They were boatmen,
bartenders, waitresses, real estate folks. They were all loving life,
living a dream and coloring outside the lines with this real sense of
freedom; they took a country singer from East Tennessee into their tribe
at a time when having friends outside everything I knew was important.
Time passes, life moves on, but those friends lasted, and this album in a
lot of ways is about the power of that kind of friendship to endure.”

Endurance is something Chesney understands. Kicking off his No Shoes
Nation Tour March 16 at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, the 8-time
Entertainer of the Year will bring summer alive for fans across 46
concerts at a mix of football stadiums, arenas and amphitheaters. Life
On A Rock, indeed.

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