Kenny Chesney Joins The Roots

Kenny Chesney Joins The Roots 4/30 “Fallon” Appearance Includes “Spread the Love” with ?uestlove & Co.

As Kenny Chesney begins ramping up for the April 30 release of
his highly personal Life On A Rock, he’s lining-out his television
appearances. The first show he wanted to lock up was “Late Night with
Jimmy Fallon,” because the 4 time Academy of Country Music and 4 time
Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year had a vision: beyond
performing “Pirate Flag,” he wanted to play “Spread The Love,” the song
he co-wrote with the Wailers Band, with Fallon’s musically progressive
band The Roots.

“What ?uestlove and his guys do is beyond what most
people would even begin to think of,” says the singer/songwriter. “They
push all music beyond… and you can feel them getting under a song and
really lifting it up. When Fam (Aston “Family Man” Barrett) asked me if
I’d like to help finish this song they had, I was, like, ‘Sure…’ and
intimidated all at once. They’re the Wailers, you know?”

“I wasn’t sure exactly, but I was watching the news – and
it was all so negative. I figured we need to counter that somehow. So
we got on the phone and talked it out, figured out what we wanted the
song to say! Now that it’s done, I wanna take it to the world… But I
wanna do it with people who musically can bring that higher sense of
being to the song. Which is everything the Roots do, no matter who
they’re working with.”

For Chesney, who just finished headlining the Tortuga
Music Festival on South Fort Lauderdale Beach to raise ocean
preservation awareness, is ready to start bringing this new music to the
fans. With “Pirate Flag” sitting at #7 on the country singles charts
and his No Shoes Nation Tour in full swing, Life On A Rock is almost
ready to hit the streets.

Beyond the highly melodic “Lindy,” (Get Lindy when you
Pre-Order the album here:”) Chesney
teased the crowd – including a flotilla of over 60 boats anchored off
the Florida coast – with a very stripped-down rendition of “Must Be
Something I Missed” on Saturday night. Sharing verses with co-writer Mac
McAnally, the Van Morrison-inflected song is just a taste of the
diversity Life On A Rock is comprised of.

“I wrote most of these without a guitar,” Chesney says.
“Not even thinking anyone would ever hear them. They were written for
the sake of the song, not losing the moment and remembering things that
should be really important, but get lost in the rush of what we do.
‘Something I Missed’ is absolutely about that, and I loved playing it
for people.”

Heading into a two night stand at the Joint attached to
Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this weekend, the No Shoes
Nation will get its most intimate stop on the high impact tour that
includes 19 stadiums, as well as several arenas and amphitheaters.
Closing out with a two night stand at Foxboro, Massachusetts’ Gillette
Stadium, the man who has sold in excess of a million tickets each of his
past ten tours is making the most of summer once again.

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