Kenny Chesney Brings Gretchen Rhodes

Kenny Chesney Brings Gretchen Rhodes to Life On A Rock Long Time Virgin Islands, Hawaiian Artist Featured

Nashville: When Kenny Chesney decided to take some of the songs
he’d been writing for himself and his friends and turn them into his
most intimate and reflective project, he wanted to capture the things
that offered a balance to the million-miles-a-minute pace of his life.
The people, the friends, the lessons learned and hours spent beyond the
footlights allowed the man who’s sold in excess of a million tickets on
each of his past ten tours to recharge and consider what his music needs
to be, possibly “shaped the artist people see.”

With “When I See This Bar” and “Happy on the Hey Now”
serving as its emotional core, the songwriter, whose first publishing
deal was with Acuff Rose, wanted authenticity. When he had began going
to the Virgin Islands, long before his career took hold, Chesney was
more a kid with a dream – and he met a young woman sitting on a stool
playing music named Gretchen Rhodes, who was living the same kind of

“The thing about Gretchen,” Chesney says, “is that she
had this voice that you could hear in a room. When she’d sing, people
would turn around to see who it was… and she could keep folks there all
night, just listening to her songs. I know: my friends and I used to go
down to this beach bar a lot and listen to her play.”

Part of Chesney’s original group of free spirits, Rhodes
has made her way on the musical winds to Los Angeles, back to the
islands, then onto Hawaii, where she now lives and makes music. An
artist on her own terms, she was someone Chesney felt needed to be on
Life On A Rock to close some circles, add some truth and share the magic
of a place that impacted his soul.

“To sit on a stool and play music because you love it,
because you have songs to sing, that’s the mark of a music person” he
says of his friend. “Gretchen has always had that! She is as good as
they come, has a voice that’ll stop you – and no matter what happens,
she’s going to be making music, because that’s who she is.

“I was just glad we could make this work, because she’s
so much a piece of my life and that circle of friends. We may live
physically so far apart, but the fact that we did, it tells you so much
how much it really is just one world.”

Already recorded in London, Los Angeles, Jamaica and
Nashville, Life On A Rock made its way to Hawaii for one more very
special guest. With an April 30 release date, fans who’ve been
previewing the album on the exclusive iTunes’ stream will finally be
able to get their copy. They can also check out various songs from the
album on “Good Morning America” and “Jimmy Fallon” April 30. On April
29, fans will have the chance to hear Chesney talk about the album in
almost its entirety. The event will broadcast live across more than 100
Clear Channel Country radio stations as well as station websites and

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