Kenny Chesney 43,314 Sell-Out

When I See This Stadium: Kenny Chesney Plays Milwaukee

43,314 Sell-Out, Debuts New Song w Eric Church, Sings for George Strait

The Miller Stadium show anticipation – for artist and fans — was
palpable, as the No Shoes Nation Tour drew 43,314 strong to the stadium,
which has not hosted a concert since 2010. As The Milwaukee Journal
Sun noted in early in its review: “this felt like the kind of event
people have been dying to enjoy for months.”

That newness inspired Chesney to debut a song from
his recent Billboard #1 all-genre Top 200 Albums debut Life On A Rock:
the potent “When I See This Bar.” He invited tour-mate Eric Church to
share the reflective slice of who we were long before we realized how
special the moments we’re just living really are.

“’When I See This Bar’ is the kind of song you have
to have lived,” Chesney confesses. “Most people do, they just never
step back and realize what all those lost nights, afternoon beers and
friendships really mean. They make you who are, get you through tough
things and get you laughing… Obviously, ‘When I See This Bar’ is
important to me; I know Eric’s been there, too, and knows that power of
place, so it was great to get him up there.”

Still in the moment, Chesney also had the capacity
crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to his good friend George Strait, who was
turning 60. Promising the crowd he would email it to King George, the
enthusiasm was palpable.

“That’s one of the things about this life – and the
people of the No Shoes Nation,” Chesney enthused. “There are so many
crazy, nonlinear things you can do… if you can dream them. The fans feed
me to dream outside the lines – like singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to George
– and that’s one of the best parts of making a life making music.”

And bringing people together in the name of those
songs. The Journal Sentinel went on to note, “Busting out to the swagger
of “Feel Like a Rock Star,” he spent the subsequent two hours proving
he was one, running all around the stage, the sweat stain spreading
wider and wider on his shirt… it was clear to the revelers this was no
mere concert.”

“We’ve played so many places,” Chesney says,
“there’s a special thrill when you get to go somewhere new, or
different. It’s why we’re mixing it up this year: arenas, amphitheatres,
a few Keg shows in clubs, the Tortuga Festival on the beach. But
Milwaukee – like Dallas last weekend – had a very special magic to it.
Those fans! That stadium! Funny how places that couldn’t be more
different both have so much heart.”

Getting ready to shoot a profile with CBS News’
“Sunday Morning,” the 8-time Country Music Association and Academy of
Country Music Entertainer of the Year is in full touring gear. But that
doesn’t mean his reflective album is getting lost in the shuffle. As the
Church debut proves, the singer/songwriter/supernova’s LOAR is – as
Billboard wrote – “surely the most personal work he’s ever done,” while
The Washington Post added, “It’s a bold move, considering that a new
crop of country rockers are selling millions of albums modeled on
Chesney’s pounding arena rock sound. But, Chesney follows his muse and
offers an album that exposes his weathered soul… as appealing as it is

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